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Arma 3 to get DLC, expansions, and free stuff

Bohemia have outlined their 2014-2015 “roadmap” for Arma 3, and it includes a whole lot of new content. It’s divided up into three sections – Platform Updates, DLC, and Expansions – so we’ll take a…

By: Tim McDonald

Arma 3 Community Guide talks guerrilla warfare

Bohemia Interactive and the perpetually impossible-to-spell Dslyecxi have released another community guide video, offering you some tips and tricks on your Arma 3 play. This one focuses on how best to employ guerrilla warfare, which…

By: Tim McDonald

Arma 3’s final campaign episode launched

Bohemia Interactive have released the third and final episode of the Arma 3 campaign. Simply titled “Win”, this episode concludes the story of NATO Peacekeeper Ben Kerry, who’s been stuck on the islands of Altis…

By: Tim McDonald

Arma 3’s final campaign episode coming next week

Bohemia Interactive have announced that the third and final campaign episode for Arma 3 – named, simply, “Win” – will be hitting the interwebs on 20 March. Win has the flashpoint escalating further, with NATO…

By: Tim McDonald

Arma 3’s Alpha Anniversary celebrated with tanks

Apparently, today marks the one year anniversary of Arma 3‘s alpha hitting Steam. In honour of this, Bohemia Interactive want to say “tanks.” Or, uh… “thanks.” With a tank. A free update released today for…

By: Tim McDonald

DayZ 0.37 will be on the stable branch on 5 March

The next DayZ update, version 0.37, will be released on the ‘Stable’ development branch through Steam during scheduled maintenance on 5 March. That’s according to the latest tumblr posting from Dean Hall about what the…

By: Peter Parrish

Arma 3’s second campaign episode, Adapt, released

Bohemia Interactive have released Adapt, the second episode of Arma 3‘s campaign. Adapt continues the tale of NATO peacekeeper Ben Kerry on the war-torn islands of Altis and Stratis, and according to previous reports, this…

By: Tim McDonald

DayZ alpha released on Steam early access

If you’ve been waiting for DayZ’s alpha to show its face on Steam’s early access system, that wait can now come to an end. The game is up and available to purchase (again, in alpha…

By: Peter Parrish

Arma 3’s second campaign episode dated for January

Bohemia Interactive have announced that the second episode of Arma 3‘s campaign will be released on 21 January 2014. The first episode (titled “Survive”) launched back at the end of October, and placed you in…

By: Tim McDonald

Arma 3 campaign launches, asks you to survive

Arma 3‘s campaign has been a long time coming, but the first of the three campaign episodes – titled Survive – has just launched. Somewhat inevitably, there’s a trailer. The Arma 3 campaign puts you…

By: Tim McDonald

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