Star Trek

GOG boldly adds Star Trek games

The latest additions to GOG have the digital download platform boldly going where no-one has gone since the early 90s: Star Trek games. Three Star Trek games have been added to GOG: point-and-click adventures Star…

By: Tim McDonald

IncGamers Plays Star Trek

This is not your usual IncGamers Plays, but Tim had to put this together as he struggled through with Star Trek (see review). Grab a coffee and marvel at this bug ridden game which is…

By: Paul Younger

Star Trek Review

On Friday night, around the time I got my hands on Star Trek, I wound up cracking a tooth. Cue an entire weekend of agony, muted by the most powerful painkillers I could get my…

By: Tim McDonald

Galaxy Gorn mad: Star Trek’s villains profiled

Paramount Pictures has broadcast more ‘Making of Star Trek the videogame’ footage to the galaxy (ok, fine, I just mean they put it on youtube.) This time, it’s about expanding the role of those pesky…

By: Peter Parrish