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Steam store now lists fifteen Steam Machines for sale

Steam will be selling Steam Machines from third-party manufacturers directly through the company store, as fifteen different listings are now available there. That actually equates to more than fifteen different options, as most of them…

By: Peter Parrish

The PC Gaming Consoles of CES 2015

Hardware manufacturers are showing off their new PC gaming and entertainment offerings for the living room, but are they worth it? With the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015) now in full swing, there’s an abundance…

By: Paul Younger

Gabe Newell talks Steam, VR, eSports and more

Gabe Newell didn’t let PC gamers down today and finally turned up for the Reddit AMA earlier this evening. There was a variety of topics covered and thankfully not a complete deluge of Half Life…

By: Paul Younger

Alienware Steam Machine releasing in September

When the Steam Machines were revealed at CES Alienware was keeping quite quiet about the specs and exactly when their machine will be released. There’s more news from Steam Dev Days today concerning Alienware Steam…

By: Paul Younger

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