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The Evil Within’s Executioner DLC viciously trailed

Bethesda have released a trailer for The Evil Within‘s Executioner DLC, showing some first-person monster-smashing. The Executioner DLC is quite a departure for The Evil Within. While the main game (and the first two DLCs)…

By: Tim McDonald

The Evil Within given The Assignment in March

The Assignment, the first entry in a two-part expansion for The Evil Within starring a new player character, will launch on 10 March. The Assignment gives you control of Juli Kidman, the partner of The…

By: Tim McDonald

The Evil Within’s latest update is bizarrely huge

The Evil Within‘s latest update has one of the most bizarre file-size-to-changes ratio I’ve ever seen. By which I mean it’s 4GB, but it really doesn’t fix much. Excitement! The Evil Within 1.03 is out….

By: Tim McDonald

The Evil Within PC Port Impressions

Hm. Hmm. Hmmmmmmm. After the first hour I’m not exactly sold on The Evil Within, which is a bit disappointing considering I was really looking forward to a proper Resident Evil 4 successor. Yes, okay,…

By: Tim McDonald

The Evil Within launches alongside launch trailer

The Evil Within is now out (The Evil With-out?), and there’s a launch trailer to celebrate. The Evil Within is a Shinji Mikami-led survival horror title which casts you as Sebastian Castellanos, a detective caught…

By: Tim McDonald

The Evil Within recommended PC specs are oddly high

As well as announcing that The Evil Within has ‘gone gold‘ today, Bethesda has issued some curiously demanding PC specs for the game. The going gold part, of course, means the survival horror title will…

By: Peter Parrish

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