140,000 people watching Fallout Live stream waiting for things to happen


Bethesda’s Fallout tease has continued via the Bethesda Twitch live stream with some oddities.

Vault Boy continues to stand in front of the Please Stand By screen and has done so now for a number of hours. In that time some stuff has happened on the Stream including someone whispering into his ear in a Skyrim shirt, balloons, drinking out of a mug, a puppet appearing, poking his head, pouring Nuka-Cola into Vault-Tec cups and no doubt more japes that are still to come.

Currently, 146,000 folk are watching this stream waiting for something to happen but Bethesda will milk this for as long as possible. If you don’t want to stay glued to it, fans are adding clips of anything that happens. Just click the clips tab on Twitch to see them all.

Fans continue to speculate whether this is tied to an anniversary because of the balloons, or because they are making such a song and dance of this, it’s a completely new game. We’ll know soon enough.

Paul Younger
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