All Destiny 2 dungeons ranked easiest to hardest
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All Destiny 2 Dungeons ranked easiest to hardest

Take on the Dungeon gauntlet, Guardian.

Dungeons are packed with the most creative content in Destiny 2. These 3-player quests offer a tantalizing glimpse at Raid mechanics and force Fireteams to work together. If you’re brave enough to take on these activities, let me show you all the Destiny 2 Dungeons ranked easiest to hardest.

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Every Dungeon ranked by difficulty in Destiny 2

Dungeons are my favorite pieces of content in Destiny 2 and offer some of the best experiences you have with a Fireteam. These Dungeons can be challenging, especially if you’re a new or returning player, and they aren’t created equally. You can tackle Dungeons in any order, but here’s how they stack up from easiest to hardest.

#8 Shattered Throne

All Destiny 2 dungeons ranked easiest to hardest
Image: PC Invasion

Shattered Throne is Destiny 2’s first Dungeon and is by far the easiest. There’s a wonderful mix of combat, precision jumping puzzles, and dark, moody environments. There’s also an Exotic Bow up for grabs, which should incentivize trying it.

The Shattered Throne can be beaten solo without optimal gear, making it a great starting point for inexperienced Fireteams. Enemy density is light, and the Dungeon mechanics aren’t too complicated.

While the Shattered Throne is a fun Dungeon, it’s clear that Bungie was testing the waters with this one. Future Dungeons are far more nuanced and complex.

#7 Pit of Heresy

All Destiny 2 dungeons ranked easiest to hardest
Image: PC Invasion

The Pit of Heresy is another older Dungeon and easier than most on this list. That said, the Dungeon is fun and pits your Fireteam against the Hive.

Mechanics are pretty simple, with symbols to memorize and battles that can be tackled alone or with your squad. This Dungeon forces players to use Hive Swords to progress and is a great way to get comfortable with melee combat.

#6 Prophecy

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Prophecy is a fun Dungeon with simple mechanics and some jaw-droppingly beautiful locations. Mob density is pretty light, and weaker Fireteam members can still contribute by learning the puzzle mechanics.

One particularly taxing puzzle in the middle of the Dungeon will take a while to figure out, but the boss battles aren’t too tricky. There’s also a fantastic section that some players refer to as ‘Ribbon Road.’ You’ll know it when you get there.

#5 Grasp of Avarice

All Destiny 2 dungeons ranked easiest to hardest
Image: PC Invasion

Grasp of Avarice is one of the most entertaining Dungeons in the game and actively pokes fun at Destiny’s history. The legendary Loot Cave from Destiny 1 is referenced, and nothing is what it seems.

There are dozens of ‘instant kill’ mechanics to master and a challenging Sparrow section to conquer. Some puzzles are quite obtuse, and many demand precision movement and jumping.

If you take on the Grasp of Avarice, just remember that you can charge Scorch Cannons by holding the trigger down. You’ll thank me later.

#4 Spire of the Watcher

All Destiny 2 dungeons ranked easiest to hardest
Image: PC Invasion

I love how Spire of the Watcher reveals its hand to the player. The same mechanic is present in every encounter, which gets more complicated the deeper you delve into the Dungeon. The final encounter is complex, but you have the tools to figure it out by the time you reach it.

Another consistent threat in the Spire of the Watcher is jump puzzles. Several sections of the Dungeon demand multiple precision jumps. To make matters worse, you’ll need to solve puzzles and stay mobile during the challenging boss encounters.

If a member of your Fireteam struggles with jumps, this could be one of the hardest Dungeons to beat.

#3 Duality

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Duality gave my Fireteam the most problems on our first try and is worthy of a spot in the top 3. This Dungeon has a fiendish ‘teleporting’ mechanic where you traverse the map by traveling through different dimensions.

These mechanics quickly get complicated and are woven into brutal battles that can take a long time if you don’t coordinate with your team.

Duality has its fair share of ‘instant-kill’ scenarios, which are tough to manage as the Dungeon forces your team to split up. The final encounter is a balancing act, and one screw-up can lead to a team wipe or a dreadful damage phase.

#2 Warlords Ruin

All Destiny 2 dungeons ranked easiest to hardest
Image: PC Invasion

At the time of writing, Warlords Ruin is the newest and my personal favorite Dungeon in Destiny 2. This Dungeon has mechanically complex battles, fiendish puzzles, and a ‘medieval’ aesthetic I adore.

Warlords Ruin takes the 2nd spot on this list because the boss encounters are savage and force Fireteams to perform for extended periods. You’ll need your wits about you to figure out the battle mechanics, and some of the puzzles are downright obtuse.

Warlords Ruin isn’t for the faint-hearted, but it’s rewarding, and the final boss encounter is a blast from start to finish.

#1 Ghosts of the Deep

Image: PC Invasion

While Warlords Ruin has its fair share of difficult moments, it pales compared to Ghosts of the Deep. This brutal Dungeon has everything, from ferocious jump puzzles to mechanically complex battles. The fights often force your Fireteam to split up, putting pressure on less experienced players.

To top it off, Ghosts of the Deep sends Guardians underwater, where you’re constantly racing against a timer. Although the Dungeon is tricky, it’s well worth slogging through. Several decent weapons are up for grabs, and the locale is a real treat on the eyes.

Destiny 2’s Dungeons are no joke but offer some of the most memorable moments you can have with friends. After you’ve conquered them, you can try Raiding or even Dungeon runs solo. If you’re looking to optimize your gear for the demanding content ahead, check out our guide on how to get triple 100 stat armor.

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