How to complete Sowing Discord in Starfield

Starfield Sowing Discord Astral Lounge Dance Floor
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Starfield may take place hundreds of years in the future, but mankind hasn’t completely lost the ability to cater to its own worst impulses. Some of that bad behavior is on full display throughout the Ryujin Industries faction missions, which include one mission appropriately named Sowing Discord. Here is our guide telling you how to complete Sowing Discord in Starfield.

Starfield – how to complete Sowing Discord

The Sowing Discord mission follows immediately after the Access is Key mission. As usual, you need to make more money for your employers at Ryujin Industries, who are starting to like you. To complete Sowing Discord, make investors think twice about their plans to invest in a rival company, Infinity LTD.

Start the mission by talking to Imogene. She hands over a couple of dossiers for two important people: Arthur Cruz and Zola Adisa. The dossiers are comprehensive. I suggest taking a moment to access the dossiers in the Notes category in your inventory to read them and satisfy the optional read the dossiers objective.

Starfield Sowing Discord Enter Astral Lounge In Trade Tower

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Visit the Astral Lounge

Next, find the investors. From where you meet with Imogene, head to the elevator and ride to the Lobby. Then exit the building and cross town to reach the Astral Lounge in the large Trade Tower building on the other end of the street. This is where you will do most of your relevant work.

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If you have an outfit available that increases your persuasive skills, such as the Fitted Business Suit, equip it. You might also use an item such as the Chandra Riesling or one of the colored Velocity beverage you can buy at a club in the Ebbside district in Neon. Persuasion skills will be useful for the next few minutes.

Starfield Sowing Discord Arthur Cruz

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Sowing Discord with the investors

Inside the Astral Lounge, find the elevator to one side and ride it to the VIP Balcony. On the upper level, head down the hallway and enter the room on the right to meet Arthur Cruz. Before you talk to him, I suggest making sure you have a recent save in case the discussion doesn’t go anywhere fruitful. He is open to a conversation, at least. I went with the Persuade option and suggested the deal is bad for him.

When you talk to Arthur Cruz, use the data you gathered while reading his dossier. For instance, note that Ryujin’s profits are 25.7% higher. You should enjoy a Persuasion Success moment and receive 10 XP.

Starfield Sowing Discord Zola Adisa

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Next, talk to Zola Adisa. You’ll need to ride the nearby elevator to the Dance Floor. She lounges on a sofa against the far wall. Again, I suggest making a recent save before talking to her. Also, you’ll want to use the Persuade dialog option and rely on information you gained from her dossier and play to her ego and aversion to second-rate dealings. There’s another 10 XP in it for you if you persuade her successfully.

Starfield Sowing Discord Pick Lock To Access Vip Booth

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Sowing Discord in Nina Hart’s office

Your next move is to switch Nina Hart’s presentation. Follow the blue mission beacon to the VIP Elevator and follow the corridor past the man standing guard near the corner. Enter the VIP Booth, which is locked. Even with Novice skills, you can attempt it using a Digipick.

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Head into the room to find Nina’s Presentation sitting on a table. Press the button or key indicated to swap it. When you receive notice that you’ve completed the objective, all that’s left to do is return to Imogene at Ryujin Tower. Impatient, I tried to fast travel and save time. It seems to be just as fast to walk the old-fashioned way, however.

Starfield Sowing Discord Mission Rewards Bonus Credits

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Meet with Imogene in her office. She provides your rewards. For your amazing performance, you receive 250 XP, the Reconstim, and 11,000 credits. This reward includes a hefty bonus for completing Sowing Discord with style. You’ll also activate the Accidents Happen mission.

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