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Apex Legends Season 10 Patch Notes Map Changes

The time has arrived at last for Season 10 of Apex Legends, and you could easily spend a good hour processing all of the new content and changes detailed in the patch notes. In an effort to save you time, we’ve collected the most important bits here for you to know before jumping in.

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Before discussing the nitty gritty, let’s start with a quick overview. As always, the new season features a new battle pass and Legend with unique skills. There are also some major map changes to World’s Edge this time around. A new LMG called the Rampage will shake things up with its literal firepower. Ranked Arenas is now available. Weapons have been rebalanced and spawn differently. Different Legends have been tweaked. And lastly, some bugs have been fixed.


Seeriously bad ass

You’ve probably heard wind of the new Legend named Seer by now. He’s a new tracker that’s about to give Bloodhound a run for their money. Seer can detect heartbeats, scan enemies and their health stats, and create a larger scanning dome with his Ultimate. You can learn more about Seer in our dedicated coverage and see his skills in action.

Apex Legends Seer Cover seer abilities

The Battle Pass evolves

One thing that can be said about the Battle Passes for Apex Legends is that these used to be pretty bare. Things have significantly improved since then, however. The Season 10 Battle Pass includes new character emotes, animated weapon skins, more unique looks for different Legends, and even an improved free track. You have more reasons to play than ever before if this is what entices you.

The duality of ice and fire

The Harvester has initiated major climate change at World’s Edge that has caused Hammond Corp. to reevaluate how it can keep the site viable. There’s now lava pouring out in new places and major damage to existing areas. The new additions of cloud-seeding towers seek to induce cool temperatures, while lava containment facilities have been rapidly constructed. The whole map looks and plays very different now. This is a bold move by Respawn, as World’s Edge is perhaps the most popular map in the game.

The map offers better rotation options, more loot in the northern region, moving gondolas to ferry you across the lava pits, and more. Unfortunately, Sorting and the Train Station got demolished. Perhaps the new locations will prove just as popular. The developers think the changes will improve gameplay, so it’s not just for the sake of making things look different. Hopefully the changes reduce that “Third Party Legends” issue.

Apex Legends Lmg Season10 Rampage New Weapon Patch Notes Gameplay Stats

 Fire in a bottle… er, gun

The new weapon is the Rampage LMG. It uses heavy ammo, but comes with a special twist. According to the lore, Rampart crafted the unique weapon to help switch up the gameplay. Just like the Sentinel, you can use an item to modify its traits. Grab a Thermite grenade and supercharge the fire rate of this weapon. The Rampage typically performs best in mid-range engagements, but this perk should allow you to treat it more like a Devotion. We have yet to test it, but it sounds very powerful. It also destroys doors with little effort.

Ranked Arenas

Just as the name suggests, you can now jump into the round-based elimination mode and grind to your highest skill level. You’ll need to finish 10 qualifying matches to get ranked, so expect some tough losses and blowout wins before you get sorted into the appropriate tier for your skill level. You can learn more about ranked Arenas in a dedicated blog post on the game’s website.

The Spitfire and Alternator have been removed from Arenas in the latest update, and you’ll be able to use the Prowler and Rampage instead. The costs of certain weapons have also changed, with the L-Star and EVA-8 now costing more. On the other hand, the Charge Rifle, Mastiff, Peacekeeper, Bocek Bow, and 30-30 Repeater now cost less.

Apex Blog Image Olympus Map 01 Oasis Ranked Arenas

Oasis from Olympus is coming to Arenas.

Legend meta changes

Fuse is the major winner of this update. While I thought he was great from the beginning, it appears many players lacked the same enthusiasm. He received a buff for two Knuckle Clusters previously, but you’re just sleeping on him if you don’t make use of his latest buffs. His Tactical Knuckle Cluster now has a doubled duration. The damage is still the same, which is somewhat of a negative, but it will act as an area denial tool. You can also toggle his passive to throw grenades at normal arcs now. Best of all, his Ultimate ability now highlights enemies trapped within. If you’re on level ground, this will help your whole team see through the fire and flames to punish that unlucky son of a gun.

Apex Legends Season 8 Fuse

Fusey boy is ready for another swing at things.

Caustic’s gas also does more damage, Horizon can lift faster, and you’ll get a small visual and audio cue when Revenant’s Death Protection effect is about to expire.

Gun games

Guns are always changing in Apex Legends, meaning that the recommendations for the best options are as well. Respawn has also cycled the contents in Supply Drops and there are different options in the Fully Kitted weapon pool. For starters, the Prowler is now floor loot again, while the Spitfire will appear in drops. You can also expect to find Alternators in drops. The Peacekeeper, Rampage, RE-45, Flatline, and Charge Rifle make up the new Fully Kitted pool.

You should also note that marksman rifles require sniper stocks instead of rifle stocks now. Reload speed improvements are also tied to weapon stocks instead of magazines.

As for weapon balancing, the EVA-8 received a nerf, the Spitfire has been rebalanced in several ways, Alternators from supply drops now have disruptor rounds to damage shields more, and the L-Star should be more effective in general scenarios.

Squashing bugs

There’s a long list of bug fixes in the Apex Legends Season 10 patch notes. But the most important takeaways are that several map location exploits have been patched to stop pesky campers and would-be cheaters. You should also be able to hear enemies soaring in from launch pad pushes with more ease. If you experienced any other oddities in the past few weeks with your favorite Legend’s abilities, those may be fixed as well.

You can read the full Season 10 patch notes on the game’s website to see exactly what has changed in Apex Legends with the massive update. Keep an eye out for detailed new guides from us in the days ahead. We’ll cover the new weapon, the new Legend Seer, and what’s important to know about the map changes on World’s Edge. We also have up-to-date guides on plenty of the existing Legends.

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