Best armor in Starfield: How to get unique and legendary armor

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To survive the harsh conditions of the galaxy in Starfield, having a good amount of protection is paramount. Your space suit plays a pivotal role in this department because it has to meet the demands of what you’re doing. Having a sub-par suit can be detrimental, and from learning the hard way, the suit can make things a lot more challenging. But don’t fret, Starfield has a ton of gear just waiting to be found in its massive world. You’ll have plenty to choose from. This guide will show you how to get the best unique and legendary armor in Starfield. It would be a good idea to read on before attempting to go blindly into space. This way you won’t be searching for hours just to find high-end gear. 

Starfield: How to get the best legendary and unique armor 

Just like any RPG in today’s gaming world getting both legendary and unique armor can be done in a few ways. 

First, is by fighting the more tougher legendary enemies in Starfield. Now, this method is easier said than done because they are stronger and have more health. The issue with this option is that when you’re playing on an easier difficulty, there seems to be less of them. To fix this problem try playing on harder difficulty. This might sound nightmarish, but once you start downing your first few elites, you’ll start getting gear to defend yourself better with. 

The second method is a little more unconventional, and that is by making a save just outside the area where legendary enemies are. You’ve probably done this before in other Bethesda Softworks games, so it makes sense that this mechanic is present in Starfield. Once you clear out the enemies, and if no legendary or unique armor appears, reload the save point and redo it.

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What is the best legendary and unique gear?

There’s quite a bit of gear to discover in Starfield, but depending on what build you’re creating it’s best to go after gear that utilizes it. To give you an idea, here are a couple that stand out at the moment from the rest.

Mantis Armor: As part of the Mantis side quest line, you’ll not only get the suit for free but also the Mantis ship. So it’s worth your time attempting the mission. The reasoning behind this suit is that if you’re playing a more aggressive playstyle by getting into firefights more often, you’ll need all the protection you can get. The Mantis space suit lowers the damage of ballistic attacks by 15 percent. On top of that, when standing still, there’s a 75 percent to reduce damage up to 50 percent. So you can be a lot safer during combat. 

Mark 1 Constellation Armor: This space suit is a great early-game suit to have because of how much of a beating it can take. However, it does get better, so it could be a good idea to hold on to it till you find suitable upgrades. The helmet of the Mark 1 set has some impressive feats that hold the suit together and that comes from its resistance in physical damage, energy damage, and negative buffs like thermal. One can see how important this becomes during those intense moments, Mark 1 can be a game changer. The suit can acquired in a few ways from The Lodge, but this guide will show you how to get the Mark 1 suit fast and for free. 

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