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Best base locations in Once Human

It's all about real estate.

Regardless of whether you’re playing on Manibus or Evolution’s Call in Once Human, base building is crucial. No matter how far you are in Once Human, this guide might show you the best base locations in the game. 

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Once Human: Best base locations 

At the start of Once Human, the main goal is to survive and outlive everyone else. But as things progress and as you become more used to the world, your needs will be different. Meaning, that the next base you build might be around a specific resource to make things like Steel Ingot

Early game building locations in Once Human

These spots are more for your necessities and are probably the best way to get things going in the game. It can also teach you a thing or two about building bases. 

Best base locations in Once Human
Image: Starry Studio

Forested areas

In the starting zones of Once Human, you’ll be hit with a lot of vegetation. The good thing is that wood is an important resource in the game. The more you have early on, the more things you can make. As soon as you start chopping down trees and collecting as much wood as you can, the base you’re building is off to a great start. 

It’s also worth noting that the forested spots in Once Human are good for farming other resources that can help increase the base’s functionality. Plus, you won’t have to go far to acquire food like berries since these areas have an abundance of them.

Best base locations in Once Human
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Build around minerals

Just like wood, things like Steel are just as important. By building stronger and larger structures, your base will be hard to take down. It takes a little more time to find these spots but there are a lot in the early stages. You just have to go out of your way slightly to find them. 

Having a base around these areas might be a better idea than staying in the woods. It makes resources like Iron easier to find resulting in better weapons and gear. That will take much farther than most other things in the early-game moments. 

Set up around a body of water

At the start of the game, bases near water can triumph over the rest. This is because you can do a lot of things such as fishing for food, collecting water, and build up your water reserve. Plus it also seems animals love these spots.

I’ve found a couple of areas beside the water with a forest nearby. This might be unique to building a base near water. You’re able to get the best of both worlds which can make boring things like farming for wood easier to do.

Best base locations in Once Human
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On top of that, you get access to a bunch of water — that is salted. However, if you purify it, you can drink the water. So make sure you don’t drink it as soon as you get access to water. It can lead to negative effects that last a while.

However, be on the lookout for predators like crocodiles. They tend to hang out next to water. Before building a base check the area and fight them off if they cause a problem. On the other hand, rivers and bodies of water more inland seem to have clean water that doesn’t need to be purified.

Mid to late-game base locations in Once Human

At this point, you should be familiar with how the base building works in the game. Instead of surviving, these locations will help you get the more important resource like oil. With that being said, the following locations can be great places to build, provided you’re leveling up quickly in Once Human.

In the oil fields near Blackfell

Since we’re talking about oil, let’s start with the target farming of this resource. To do that, you can build a base east of Blackfell by the river. You can use the image below to help you pinpoint the location. By building in this spot, you can get tons of crude oil which once refined yields a large amount of oil. Because it’s near water, this can be a great spot to collect seawater as well. 

Once Human Blackfell Location
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Be very careful when building in these spots. Stronger enemies can and will attack you. When they do, your base will take more of a beating. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to build defenses around the base.

Any pollution zone

These spots are easy to find on the map. They are harder to spot, but for reference see the image below for one of the earliest ones in Once Human. Building a base in these spots can get you probably the most important resource: Acid. It’s used for almost everything in Once Human.

Once Human Pulltion Zone
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Acid can be farmed, but by creating a base in any pollution zone, you might be able to stock up on this resource better. That way, creating better gear and smelting can be done more often. Plus, the more polluted the area, the more Acid you can acquire. So when you’re at a good level such as the early 30s, consider building in these spots. 

However, the downside is that everything is also polluted like the water. Just like building near a refinery around Blackfeel, you’re going to want to clean out the water first. 

Anywhere near cliffs

For a more focused playstyle and if you’re being defensive, building near cliffs isn’t a bad idea. The reason why I’m putting it in the end-game section of this guide is because of how it can operate. Bases seem to be a little more complicated in these areas.

Most cliffs I’ve found are near water and forests, so you don’t have to worry about those resources. On the other hand, building this type of base is for the more seasoned players on Once Human. This is because you might be attacked more often. Once you figure out the combat, you won’t be overwhelmed by engaging with enemies this way.

As an added bonus, this forces the enemy or other players to move around the base till they get to the edge of the cliff. However, none of this will work if you don’t have any defenses like walls and turrets set up on the sides of the base. If you’re playing Once Human on PVP, having a base set up this way will not only deter other players but also make them focus their fire on certain spots that you can easily counter. 

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