Raze deathadder elite best gaming mouse
(credit: Razer)

When using your new gaming computer, there’s no question that you’ll want to feel like you have the best control over what you’re doing. Whether it’s taking aim in Valorant or making the proper selections in League of Legends, having the best gaming mouse you can is key for success, aside from that small thing called skill, of course.

No matter if you prefer first-person shooters or if MMOs are your thing, there are a number of great gaming mice available for players in order to have the most fun experience possible. From extra buttons to mouse sensitivity, we are here with our picks for the best gaming mouse on the market right now in 2020.

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All prices are listed in USD.

Razer Deathadder Elite

Raze deathadder elite best gaming mouse

(credit: Razer)

Product Specs:

Buttons: 7 | Max DPI: 16,000 | Interface:  USB | IPS: 450

Average Price: $69.99

Rundown: From a feature standpoint, the Razer Deathadder Elite may not look like much. But where it lacks in add-ons, it makes up for it strongly in performance and quality. Whether it’s accuracy or range, there’s nothing this gaming mouse can’t do for players. With two side customizable thumb buttons, it’s not overly basic, but it doesn’t do too much where it’s not needed.

With a great price, excellent comfort, and the most responsive sensor we’ve used, it’s hard to argue against picking up the Deathadder Elite.

Logitech G502 Lightspeed

G520 Lightspeed Best Gaming Mouse

(credit: Logitech)

Product Specs:

Buttons: 11 | Max DPI: 16,000 | Interface: USB/2.4GHz Wireless | IPS: 400

Average Price: $149.99

Rundown: One of only two wireless options on this list, the G502 Lightspeed from Logitech G is, without question, our favorite offering. This gaming mouse features 11 programmable buttons and is compatible with the Logitech G PowerPlay charging mat. It features a lighter weight than the original G502, which is sure to please those who felt it was a bit too heavy. If you want to adjust the weight, the G502 Lightspeed comes with modular weights that you can place underneath. The lockable scroll wheel is also helpful whether gaming or doing daily computing tasks.

The only real drawback is those of us with smaller hands. You may find it tough to comfortably reach all available buttons when using.

SteelSeries Rival 3

Steelseries Rival 3

(credit: Steelseries)

Product Specs:

Buttons: 6 | Max DPI: 8,500 | Interface: USB | IPS: 300

Average Price: $29.99

Rundown: The Rival 3 from SteelSeries is, far and away, the cheapest quality option you’ll find anywhere. Other than RGB lighting, there’s no real extra bells and whistles here. What you get is a responsive and accurate budget-friendly gaming mouse despite the fact its max DPI and IPS are less than other choices on this list.

If you are pinching pennies but still want a great gaming experience, look no further. Just be prepared to be a bit frustrated by the shorter attached USB cable.

Razer Naga Trinity

Razer naga trinity best gaming mouse

(credit: Razer)

Product Specs:

Buttons: 19 | Max DPI: 16,000 | Interface: USB | IPS: 450

Average Price: $99.99

Rundown: The ultimate MMO gaming mouse, the Naga Trinity from Razer has everything you could want. The biggest selling point for the Naga Trinity are the swappable side plates to fit your need depending on the game. Playing an MMO that requires a ton of macros? The 12-button number pad plate is perfect. Need something a little less cluttered? There’s the seven-button circle pad. If you just want a basic mouse for the time being, you can even switch to a two-button side plate that has become commonplace with most mice.

The Naga Trinity also comes with the same sensor as the aforementioned Deathadder Elite, making it just as accurate and responsive to commands. Comfort-wise, even after hours-long play sessions with each faceplate, I’ve found myself not dealing with cramping or discomfort of any sort, which is great for those who take part in longer raids.

Razer Basilisk Ultimate

Basilisk Ultimate Best Gaming Mouse

(credit: Razer)

Product Specs:

Buttons: 11 | Max DPI: 20,000 | Interface:  USB/2.4GHz Wireless | IPS: 650

Average Price: $149.99

Rundown: The other wireless gaming mouse listed, the Basilisk Ultimate from Razer is one of the best available due to its DPI and overall range of motion. This mouse packs an incredible punch with a 20,000 max DPI and up to 650 IPS as well as the ability to handle up to 50G acceleration before any possible loss of tracking.

One of the cooler features of the Basilisk Ultimate is the ability to control the resistance of the scroll wheel, allowing you to have even more control of your movement.

Terminology used:

  • DPI (Dots Per Inch) – DPI is used to tell how many times a mouse sensor will read its surface for every inch it’s moved. The higher the DPI, the less you have to move a mouse to get it to move on the screen. DPI can be swapped for CPI (Clicks Per Inch) when talking about a mouse.
  • IPS (Inches Per Second) – Measures the tracking speed of a mouse sensor. The higher IPS, the better a mouse can keep up with faster movement by the user, providing better accuracy.
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