Call of Duty: Warzone guide — Tips to help you get a victory in Armored Royale

Warzone Armored Royale

At the end of last month, Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 was released. Players have been able to to travel via the subway station and unlock new weapons in the battle pass.  The new season also brought on a new limited-time game mode involving armored trucks. Known as Armored Royale, it places the focus on vehicle warfare in Warzone.

There are many ways you can ensure you are best equipped to become victorious in this game mode. The base vehicles are already more heavily armored than the cargo trucks that you find in regular Call of Duty: Warzone modes. Although your vehicle is not essential to your survival, it may increase your chance of success. Throughout the match, you can access mobile buy stations on your truck. This will allow you to upgrade a variety of elements on your vehicle.

Warzone Armored Royale

To begin, you can upgrade your truck’s armor to improve its health, as well as upgrade the turret onboard your truck. Also, you can purchase a trophy system to prevent incoming projectiles from destroying your truck. For some extra recon intel, you can buy a UAV which adds sensors to your vehicle. Maximizing these upgrades and using them to your advantage will increase your chances of surviving longer in matches. Much like regular Call of Duty: Warzone, Armored Royale has contracts and supply boxes so you can collect cash. By stocking up and keeping your cash reserves high, you can continue to upgrade your truck and use the cash at buy stations.

Keep your truck up and running

As there is no Gulag in Armored Royale, trucks are the key to getting your teammates back. As long as your vehicle is still functioning and is in the safe zone, your teammates can land back in. In an event where your vehicle is damaged, repair stations are marked on your map with a blue wrench and wheel. However, you may not realize that when you are at a repair station, every squad in the lobby will see that the station is in use.

Driving the trucks can be tricky, too. If you are familiar with cargo trucks, you will be aware that they can be quite difficult to drive in places like woodland areas. When moving to the next circle, you should consider where you are going to drive your vehicle to avoid slowing down or getting stuck, as exposing it to damage is the last thing you can afford in smaller circles. Make sure you are always on the lookout.

Warzone Armored Royale

Choosing your loadout

It is also important to consider your loadout for Armored Royale. As it is a different type of warfare, your regular Warzone classes may not be powerful enough. Weapons such as light machine guns and rocket launchers are most effective against armored trucks. You could swap out an attachment from your regular Warzone class in favor of the FMJ rounds to deal more damage as well.

Although you may be concerned about the condition of your cargo truck, it is not essential to achieving the victory royale. The last squad left standing will get the win. It will be interesting to see what limited time mode will be available next. Perhaps, it will be the rumored Zombies Royale mode.

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