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Developer 343 Industries has been quite vocal about what Halo fans can expect from Halo Infinite in 2022. The studio released a new roadmap last Friday, and it brings with it the unfortunate news that Halo Infinite‘s campaign co-op has a target window of “late August.” Joseph Staten, head of creative at 343, said that the studio is prioritizing “team health” and finding “a sustainable development rhythm.”

Campaign co-op was one of several features missing from Halo Infinite at launch. It was initially delayed to Season 2, which was set to begin for many more months. The second season is due to arrive on May 3 of this year. Halo fans who enjoy playing campaign co-op in split-screen are also out of luck, as this has been pushed even further to an unknown date. 343 is extending Season 2 into another 6-month season to work on quality-of-life improvements. If split screen is planned for Season 3, it may not make it to Halo Infinite until November 8 at the earliest.


The roadmap is a mixed bag

The new roadmap for Halo Infinite contains more details about what fans can expect in the future aside from the upcoming campaign co-op. The studio wants an “accurate and reliable” roadmap, with a focus on quality-of-life improvements, Season 2, and Forge mode.

Forge mode will now have an open beta that the studio is targeting for September. Private flighting has been ongoing for a while, but this will bring the mode to all Halo Infinite players when it arrives. The ability to replay campaign missions is targeted for late August. The team also aims to introduce one “Drop Pod” per month. Named after the ODSTs, these “Drop Pods” will be updates containing quality-of-life improvements that vary in scope.

For more on Halo Infinite Season 2, check out the new maps and game modes coming to the game when Season 2 launches on May 3.

Campaign Co-Op Halo

Update: We initially reported this as the campaign co-op getting delayed again, but that wasn’t fully accurate. It has been pushed further into Season 2 than initially suspected. 

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