Coral Island updates

Coral Island Road Map – All Upcoming Updates and Features

Just keeps getting better and better.

Coral Island has already done a fantastic job of impressing its player base as it comes into its 1.0 version. However, the roadmap shows that the Coral Island team is far from done, with a huge list of updates and features still to come.

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Since its launch, the team at Coral Island have continued pushing out bigger and better features to the game. Since release, we have seen the addition of Merfolk, numerous festivals, and the addition of children and marriage. These are no small feats and have drastically changed the game. However, they’re not done yet.

What to expect from the Coral Island Road map

Coral Island updates
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Version 1.0 was not the end of the road for Stairway Games. They felt they had more to offer their loyal backers, and they kept delivering. Along with the updates so far, these are what we can expect to see in the future.

  • Multiplayer

This is one of the biggest updates coming to Coral Island. They have announced that in 2024 they plan to introduce a Multiplayer element to the game. How this is going to look is up the the development team, but from what we can glean from images, it looks like you will be able to work with friends to put together your farms and work your way through the various tasks.

The multiplayer update is looking to add island visits to Coral Island. This means you will be able to go over to your friend’s islands to see how they’re coming along.

  • Higher town rank

If you have already maxed out your town rank at A, then you can finally push that little bit higher into the S rank instead.

  • Hangout & Dating
All Romance Candidates In Coral Island
Screenshot: Stairway Games

This looks to expand on the relationships you can build with the other townsfolk. I expect that this update to Coral Island will give you the ability to choose and engineer your various hangouts to develop relationships.

  • Tourist system

This system looks to build on your town rank. As you progress your town higher and higher, more people will start to arrive in your town. Spread the word.

  • A Bigger Slice of Life

As if the island wasn’t immersive enough, there will now be even more added to the Slice of Life stories around the island. This update will give beautiful glimpses into the lives of the various folks around Coral Island.

  • All things Merfolk
Coral Island Merfolk
Stairway Games

These will come out as various updates to Coral Island that look to not only add more Merfolk but also add the ability to date and marry them. I know this is a much-requested feature already. The update also looks to add all new questlines to the Merfolk and give them a festival to participate in.

Along with the added updates to the Merfolk in Coral Island, you will also eventually be able to farm and ranch in the ocean.

  • They grow up so fast

It is already possible to have children in Coral Island. However, with the upcoming updates, the children will also have portraits and dialogue, and they will eventually grow up. Nothing like an extra pair of hands on the farm.

  • All new Biome

The Savannah is going to be added to the island as a whole new area. It will feature savannah ranch animals.

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