Crown Trick Black Market Npc Items

The Black Market vendor is an elusive NPC you’ll find as you explore the various dungeon floors and rooms in Crown Trick. He’s got a lot of high-end loot for you to buy, including epic and legendary items. Here’s our guide to help you out.

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Crown Trick: Finding the Black Market

The Black Market starts appearing once you’re done with Crown Trick‘s first zone, the Realm of Nightmares. At least, that’s how it was for me. It took me only a couple of tries to clear the Realm of Nightmares and, in those attempts, I never saw the Black Market at all. Instead, it only started appearing in subsequent zones (or chapters) like Gears of Sorrow, Witchcraft of Fear, and Tsunami of Rage.

Anyway, you won’t actually know it’s on that dungeon floor until you spot a curious-looking black hole in a room. If you interact with it, you’ll be teleported to the Black Market.

Crown Trick Black Market Npc Items 1a

The Black Market NPC sells several wares, many of which have a higher rarity. Epic (purple) and legendary (orange) loot can be found here, too, and you can reroll the Black Market vendor’s wares by spending a bit of gold on the cauldron next to him.

Crown Trick Black Market Npc Items 1b

The same concepts also apply to the regular vendor you’ll encounter when you reach transition floors. The difference is that the Black Market has better stuff being sold.

Likewise, it’s possible for the regular item vendor and the Black Market vendor to appear on the same floor. You can see an example of this on the map below:

Crown Trick Black Market Npc Items 1c

Another key difference in the two vendors you’ll find in Crown Trick is that the regular trader lets you spend gold to obtain affixes for your weapon. The Black Market doesn’t have this feature since there’s a portal in place of the reforging station.

Crn Tr Bl Mrk 1

Lastly, to help you further with Crown Trick‘s vendors, you’ll want a few perks from the NPCs in the Hall of Reincarnation:

  • Item Shop: Black Market Merchant – Gain a higher chance of encountering the elusive NPC in the Dreamrealm.
  • Item Shop: Item Discounts – Merchants offer one discount item.
  • Atelier: Arsenal Dealer – A merchant will show up in front of the boss’ room.

Crn Tr Bl Mrk 2

Crown Trick is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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