Crown Trick Character Upgrades Guide Perks Hall Of Reincarnation

After rescuing NPCs in Crown Trick‘s first zone, the Realm of Nightmares, you’ll find them in the Hall of Reincarnation (your HQ). They’ll provide you with several character upgrades and perks that’ll become integral in your future runs. Here’s our Crown Trick character upgrades guide to help you out.

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Crown Trick: Character upgrades guide

All the character upgrades in the Hall of Reincarnation cost soul shards. As mentioned in our beginner’s guide, you do get to keep any soul shards you’ve amassed in your previous run. However, attempting to start another run will deplete a ton of soul shards until only a minimum amount is left.

This implies that you should be spending these soul shards as soon as possible to obtain character upgrades. In any case, you’ll see the selections from each Hall of Reincarnation NPC below.

Crn Tr Chr Up 1a

Atelier (Barbara)

Upgrade Effect Soul Shard Cost
Elixir Upgrade Gain an extra use of your elixir. 5
Elixir Restoration Increases amount restored by elixir; 5 ranks. 20; cost increases per rank
Potion Refinement Potions are boosted permanently. 30
Blink Potion When you use an elixir, gain an extra blink charge; 3 ranks. 200; cost increases per rank
Forager Well-done roasts will start to appear, greatly recovering your HP when you pick them up. 400
Arsenal Dealer A new merchant will appear in front of boss rooms. 600

Item Shop (Amanda)

Upgrade Effect Soul Shard Cost
Dreamrealm Treasure Chest If you defeat a boss-type enemy in your previous run, a treasure chest will appear in the first room of your next run. The more bosses you’ve defeated, the better the reward. 5
Inventory Upgrade Item stacks increased. 75; cost increases per rank
Black Market Merchant Have a higher chance of meeting the Black Market Merchant in the Dreamrealm. 150
Inventory Expansion Unlocks more item slots; 3 ranks. 30; cost increases per rank
Item Mastery Increases the damage of all items 150
Item Discounts Merchants offer 1 discounted item. 300
Lockpick Mastery Whenever you pick up a key, there’s a chance to gain an extra one. 800

Vault of Souls (Stein)

Upgrade Effect Soul Shard Cost
Accumulative Measures Gain 5% more gold during your run; 5 ranks. 5; cost increases per rank
Accident Insurance Retain 500 gold when you’re defeated; 5 ranks. 30; cost increases per rank
Shard Collector Retain 2% of your maximum soul shards; maximum of 30 soul shards; 5 ranks. 30; cost increases per rank
Soul of the King Bosses drop 10% more soul shards. 200
Treasure Hunter Chests in elite rooms have a chance to drop an extra relic. 250
Golden Touch Convert relics, relic locks, and weapon locks into gold. 800

Smithy (Brock)

Upgrade Effect Soul Shard Cost
Arsenal Expansion Increases number of selectable weapons in the entrance room; 2 ranks. 5/50
Arsenal Upgrade Increases chances of higher quality weapons appearing in the entrance room; 2 ranks. 75/150
Weapon Master Chance to find higher quality weapons during your runs. 200
Talented Start each run with a key. 300
Combo Mastery After you break an enemy’s defense, increase your combo duration by 1 turn. 500

Crn Tr Chr Up 1

Additional tips

Your best bet is to pick all the character upgrades that cost only five soul shards. These will help you immensely while you’re just starting out in Crown Trick. Heck, Barbara’s Elixir Upgrade alone gives you an extra use of your elixir.

Next, get Accident Insurance and Shard Collector from Stein. These will let you retain some gold and soul shards without losing a lot of your resources at the end of (or upon starting) a new run.

Crown Trick Character Upgrades Guide Perks Hall Of Reincarnation 1

Likewise, Brock’s starter perks — Arsenal Expansion 2/2 and Arsenal Upgrade 2/2 — will be quite beneficial at the start of a Crown Trick run. These ensure that you’ve got some nifty weapons to choose from while you’re still in the initial room — pray that you get a decent axe which can last you several dungeon floors.

Additionally, the Smithy has the “Forge Aspect” panel. By spending 20 soul shards, you can unlock an additional affix that will be part of the possible rolls for future weapons of a certain type.

Note: The Familiar Crystal is another facet in the Hall of Reincarnation that provides character upgrades. We discuss these mechanics in our familiars, skills, and spells guide.

Crown Trick Character Upgrades Guide Perks Hall Of Reincarnation 2

Crown Trick is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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