Cult of the Lamb: Kallamar boss guide

Cult Of The Lamb Kallamar Boss Guide

Kallamar is the third boss that you’ll encounter in Cult of the Lamb. You’ll duke it out in Anchordeep, where the challenge is going to heat up considerably. Here’s our Cult of the Lamb Kallamar boss guide to help you defeat this unique opponent.

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Cult of the Lamb Kallamar boss guide

The Kallamar boss fight in Cult of the Lamb is significantly tougher compared to the other foes that you’ve faced before. While Leshy and Heket did have their own projectiles and attacks, the Kallamar encounter is almost purely a “bullet hell mode” that can be annoying. Time your attacks right when you see an opening and be patient when going on the offensive.

Here are some of Kallamar’s abilities:

  • Torpedo Squids – Once spawned, these mobs will target your current location before zooming in a straight line. They’ll then hit the barricade and explode. If you can manage to smack them, you can cause them to rebound off other enemies or the boss himself.
  • Crab Summon – Kallamar will also spawn a few crabs.
  • Ring of Fire – Flames that form a circle will appear and home in on your location.
  • Flame Turret – One variation has these projectiles flying in a wide area. You’ll have to sidestep to avoid them. The second variation has projectiles shot out in a circular motion, which means you’ll want to go around the boss/arena until the casting sequence is done.

Cult Of The Lamb Kallamar Boss Guide 1

When you’re finished with the Kallamar boss fight in Cult of the Lamb, you’ll receive your third Heart of a Heretic. This can be used for a permanent Red Crown upgrade.

For more tips, you can head over to our Crown Upgrades guide. And, if you’ve progressed further, you can take a look at the Shamura boss fight that takes place in the Silk Cradle.

Note: Similar to other bosses, Kallamar’s defeat will allow you to continue clearing his zone (Anchordeep). You’ll also get to battle a unique miniboss for Eye of the Witness items.

Cult of the Lamb is available via Steam.

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