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Diablo 4 players would rather play the Season 4 PTR again than Season 3

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The good news is that Diablo 4 players adored the Season 4 PTR. The bad news is that Diablo 4 fans would rather play the PTR now more than Season 3.

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Diablo 4 Season 4 PTR made players upset to return to Season 3

After playing eight days of the Diablo 4 Season 4 PTR, fans are already wishing that they could return to playing the PTR instead of going back to Season 3. Even though Season 4 is slated to release on May 14, just a month from now, Diablo fans loved the PTR so much that returning to Season of the Construct is a disappointment.

While some aspects of Season 3 were promising, the majority of Diablo 4 players weren’t too happy with the features that came with Season of the Construct, such as the Seneschal Companion and the Vaults. After engaging in the playtest for Season 4, there was a surprising amount of positive feedback online from players who thoroughly enjoyed the changes Blizzard made.

From a brand new Helltide revamp to significant changes in the crafting system with Tempering and Masterworking, Season 4 is highly promising and the PTR showed just how fun Diablo 4 can be with the right adjustments.

One Reddit user on the Diablo 4 subreddit explained how the PTR killed Season 3 for them. Playing Season 3 after playing the PTR is so disappointing that players like “Zorotriswords” are dropping the game until Season 4 arrives. Judging by the replies, this seems like a common sentiment.

Although this could be seen as something negative, this is something that Blizzard should be happy about. Players are now even more excited to play Season 4, unlike most of the Seasons that have passed. Even one player on the Blizzard forums stated that Blizzard should keep the PTR up till Season 4 goes live.

While I don’t believe that this will happen, I could see Blizzard implementing a second week-long PTR before Season 4 drops just to get fans hyped again. There’s only one month to go, so if you’re stoked for Season 4 and unhappy about returning to the current season, perhaps you should take a break and wait for Season 4 to drop instead of playing a Season you’re not enjoying.

It’ll make the Season 4 launch even more exciting! Speaking of Season 4, did you know that data miners discovered that Season 4 could have an Iron Wolves theme?

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