Dirt 5 features trailer

The latest entry in the Dirt series is nearly upon us, following a short delay from developer Codemasters. Dirt 5 launches November 6 on PC and the team has shared a launch trailer just ahead of release. It’s narrated by popular video game voice actor Troy Baker, who introduces us to the colorful world of Dirt 5.

Dirt 5 is being developed by Codemasters Cheshire, which is formed of ex-Evolution Studios developers. When first brought under the Codemasters banner, the team delivered 2018’s colorful racer, Onrush. You can see that game’s DNA in Dirt 5, from the high octane stunts, jumps and, tricks to the game’s vibrant color palette. It’s certainly different to Codemasters’ Dirt Rally 2.0, which delivered a more realistic rally experience.

All of that Onrush influence is on show in this launch trailer. The clip takes us from the Italian hillside track we saw on show in the Rally Cross video, to the frozen landscapes of Nepal. The whole thing is then injected with heavy doses of pink and orange, reminiscent of the feel-good Forza Horizon series. Dirt 5 looks like good old fashioned off-road fun, and we’re looking forward to giving it a spin.

Variety is the spice of rally

Dirt 5 looks more varied than Codemasters’ previous effort too. There’s nine racing types featured in this year’s outing, including the returning Gymkhana from Dirt 3. Gymkhana is all about performing daring driving skills on tight-knit, arena-style courses. It certainly looks like it’ll suit Dirt 5 down to the ground.


There’s a freeform Playground mode involved this time too. Playgrounds is a creation tool that allows players to make their own courses and challenges for others to complete. We went hands on with the mode back in August, and liked what we saw. Creation tools are always welcome as a way to add extra content to proceedings and we’re intrigued to see what the community comes up with.

Dirt 5 launches November 6 on PC via Steam.

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