Elden Ring: How to get Blaidd’s armor set

Elden Ring Blaidd Armor Set Ranni Blaidd Dead Avoid Killing Blaidd

Blaidd has been a reliable pal ever since your first meeting. Likewise, you’ll find out that he’s one of Ranni’s most trusted companions. Still, there’s a way for you to get his gear. Here’s our Elden Ring guide to help you obtain Blaidd’s armor set.

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Elden Ring guide – How to get Blaidd’s armor set

After a very long trek through multiple regions and secret dungeons, you’ll finally arrive at Moonlight Altar in Elden Ring. Down below the tunnels of the Cathedral of Manus Celes, you’ll find a bloodied Two Fingers, as well as a life-like doll of Ranni. If your character already has the Dark Moon Ring from Rennala’s chest, then the ring can be put on the doll’s finger.

While no Beyonce song would play, Ranni still manifests in front of you. She tells you to follow the path of the Elden Lord, and that you should tell Blaidd and Iji (the golem smith at the road going to Caria Manor) that she loves them dearly. Apart from affecting the ending that you’ll get in Elden Ring, this instance will also trigger something else in Blaidd.

Elden Ring Blaidd Armor Set Ranni Blaidd Dead Avoid Killing Blaidd 1

If you return to Three Sisters/Ranni’s Rise, you’ll hear someone speaking in an anguished tone. It’s Blaidd, and he claims that Ranni is connected to his very being. With Ranni gone, he’s been driven mad by grief. Once you approach, he’ll immediately attack.

Note: As of now, I’m not sure if there’s a way to actually prevent Blaidd from turning hostile. What I can tell you is that I’ve only encountered him in Mistwood Ruins/Forlorn Hound Evergaol and Caelid/Redmane Castle. Likewise, using a Celestial Dew in the Church of Vows does not work since this is a kill that’s part of a story/quest.

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Blaidd has powerful attacks, but he’s also very slow, allowing you to telegraph his moves. He does have a special attack where he leaps into the air, followed by a Frostbite eruption in the area that he lands on.

After killing your friend-turned-foe, you’ll receive Blaidd’s armor set in Elden Ring, as well as the Royal Greatsword. While there’s no wolf helmet named after Blaidd, you can get a good substitute if you go to Seluvis’ Rise (the southernmost tower in Three Sisters).

Eldr Sec Rn3s Bld 1

Use Torrent to double jump on the ruined wall and get to the ledge. You can pick up the Black Wolf Mask here. You can see how the full set and the mask look on my character in the image below.

Note: I also talked to Smithing Master Iji near the Road to the Manor Site of Grace and he simply apologized for what had happened, so I guess that’s that.

Update: Iji also died! What the heck? This was after I had progressed further in Sorceress Sellen’s quest, so I’m not sure if that’s related. At least he dropped his Bell Bearing. You can exchange it with the Twin Maiden Husks if you wish to buy his wares.

Elden Ring Blaidd Armor Set Ranni Blaidd Dead Avoid Killing Blaidd Feat

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