Fallout 76 Roadmap

To stay alive, live service titles need to update constantly, and it’s been a while since Fallout 76 has done that in a meaningful way. The game’s last update this past January increased inventory and stash sizes. It has another update coming next month called Locked and Loaded, which will change how camps and loadouts work. And thanks to the reveal of a roadmap, we now know what will be coming to Fallout 76 over the coming months.

In spring, players have the aforementioned Locked and Loaded update to look forward to. While this update’s features have been out there for a while, players can now try them out. Public Test Servers for Fallout 76 are currently running the Locked and Loaded update. If you want to try it out, simply change your build to the PTS and hop in.


The roadmap for Fallout 76 gets much more exciting in the summer. Sometime next season, the story involving the Appalachian Brotherhood of Steel will advance with the Steel Reign update. Naturally, this means new quests, locations, NPCs, and gear for players to equip themselves with. Starting with this update players will also be able to craft legendary items with legendary modules.

Private, alien-filled worlds

The two final updates on the Fallout 76 roadmap have to do with two of the game’s biggest mysteries, private worlds and aliens. The former may not sound like much of a mystery, but considering its handling by Bethesda, that’s up for debate. Players have only been given access to private worlds via a premium membership program called Fallout 1st. This service, which costs $12.99 USD per month or $99.99 USD for a full year, provides subscribers with a server for up to eight players and a ton of other bonuses. However, that could be changing soon. This coming fall, an update for Fallout 76 will change how private worlds work. No details were given, though information would be shared closer to the release of this update.

Fallout 76 2021 Roadmap

To cap off the year, Bethesda is looking to the stars for Fallout 76. Aliens are coming to Appalachia, and entire servers of players will be able to fend them off. In new public challenges called Invaders from Beyond, players will be able to fight off aliens and earn new rewards. Back on the ground though, things are getting a little more homely. After a long, hard day of fighting off the alien scourge, players can look forward to coming back to a loving pet at their camp.

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