Far Cry 6 Fuck Anton Unique Rifle Chorizo Mysterious Key

The nation of Yara is filled with countless armaments for warfare, including unique weapons. The F*** Anton is one such example. If you’ve just started the game, then the clue in your arsenal menu will only tell you that maybe Chorizo could help. Well, here’s our Far Cry 6 guide to assist you in getting the F*** Anton unique rifle by using the Mysterious Key from Chorizo.

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Far Cry 6 guide: How to get the F*** Anton unique rifle with the Mysterious Key from Chorizo

The first thing you’ll want to do if you want the F*** Anton unique rifle in Far Cry 6 is to head to Madrugada. After doing a few introductory operations/main missions, you’ll reach Montero Farm. Here, you’ll be able to recruit a super cute amigo named Chorizo.

After finding ingredients to make food for this adorable dog, you’ll get another task called “Fetch Quest.” All you need to do is follow Chorizo around as he’s digging for items. Eventually, you’ll receive the Mysterious Key.

Far Cry 6 Fuck Anton Unique Rifle Chorizo Mysterious Key 1

Next, open your map and take a look at Isla Santuario. At the very center of this region, you’ll see an island in the middle of Casas Cove. If you already discovered the town of Armonia, then you can fast travel or use the Wingsuit to glide to it. Alternatively, fast travel to Clara’s Camp and find a boat or swim all the way there.

In this area called Guau-Guau Island, you’ll find an ornate chest next to the campsite with a blue tent. Use the Mysterious Key from Chorizo to open it and you’ll acquire the F*** Anton rifle.

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Here are the mods of the F*** Anton unique rifle in Far Cry 6:

  • Poison Rounds – Deals poison damage over time; can cause poisoned enemies to fight each other; glass-tip rounds impair weapon damage.
  • Muzzle Brake – Improves horizontal recoil and muzzle flash.
  • Trigger Discipline – Improves aimed weapon damage.
  • Nimble Shooter – Improves move speed while aiming.

The F*** Anton unique rifle in Far Cry 6 isn’t particularly powerful and it doesn’t have the highest rate of fire. But, it does have a niche function, so just use it if you feel like it.

Far Cry 6 Fuck Anton Unique Rifle Chorizo Mysterious Key 2

Far Cry 6 is available via Ubisoft’s store and the Epic Games Store.

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