Far Cry 6 Chorizo Amigo Guide Keen Senses Chorizo Healing Fuck Anton

Far Cry 6 Chorizo amigo guide: How to get the sausage dog companion

Cuteness overload!
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Chorizo is one of the amigos that you can recruit in Far Cry 6. He is a dachshund puppy, also known as a wiener dog or sausage dog. Because he’s disabled, he has a makeshift wheelchair to help him get around. Here’s our Far Cry 6 Chorizo amigo guide to help you obtain this sausage dog companion.

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Far Cry 6 Chorizo amigo guide: How to get the sausage dog companion

Acquiring Chorizo in Far Cry 6

To get Chorizo in Far Cry 6, you’ll need to reach the Madrugada region of Yara. There, you’ll meet the Montero family who are trying to fight back against Anton Castillo’s lieutenants. After completing a couple of introductory missions, you’ll be able to go to Montero Farm. In this guerrilla base, you’ll find Chorizo.

Once you interact with him, you’ll be given a mission called “Who’s a Good Boy.” Our goal is to find croc meat to feed our doggo pal. Just check the marked locations on your map and use your machete to take out the crocs in the area.

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Return to Montero Farm and feed Chorizo. You’ll then get a short mission called “Fetch Quest.” All you need to do here is follow Chorizo around while he digs up random stuff. After this, Chorizo will become a full-fledged amigo in Far Cry 6.

Note: The Mysterious Key that you receive opens a chest with the F*** Anton unique rifle.

Far Cry 6 Chorizo Amigo Guide Keen Senses Chorizo Healing Fuck Anton 1

Chorizo’s abilities

  • Default ability: Attention Seeker – Chorizo is super cute, and he’ll use his cuteness overload to distract opponents.
  • Perk 1: Bloodhound – Tags nearby crafting materials; requires Chorizo to distract enemies.
  • Perk 2: Yes, You Can – When you pet Chorizo, you’ll regenerate your HP; requires Chorizo to tag 36 loot containers.
  • Perk 3: Keen Senses – Chorizo can dig for resources that are buried underground; requires you to use Chorizo’s healing ability 50 times.

Regarding Chorizo’s ability to distract hostiles, enemy soldiers will either crouch and attempt to pet him, or they’ll try to shoo him away. Both methods work for distraction so you can sneak up on enemy troops. However, it’s also a bit janky as mentioned in our official review. If guards get suspicious, Chorizo will be automatically treated as a hostile and they’ll shoot him. Thankfully, they’ve got worse aim than Star Wars stormtroopers (and their AI’s also braindead).

Lastly, for the “Keen Senses” unlock, just try to find a fast travel point that’s close to a hilltop or rooftop. Climb and drop down to take fall damage, then pet Chorizo to get healed. Once you have “Keen Senses,” you could acquire some materials, and even a unique weapon.

Far Cry 6 Chorizo Amigo Guide Keen Senses Chorizo Healing Fuck Anton 2

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