Fortnite snake eyes skin

It’s always good fun when you play a game and look the way you want. And it’s even better when you can choose to look the part of icons from other franchises when their respective franchises might not be very prominent in the modern gaming industry. That’s certainly the case for the G.I. Joe series that many gamers likely share fond memories of since childhood. Now, one of the stars from that series is available in Epic’s hit battle royale. You can snatch up the Snake Eyes skin in the Fortnite item shop if you’d like to become a master ninja — with a knack for building, too.

This is the first crossover with Hasbro for Fortnite, but it seems like a good start. Snake Eyes is a badass, to be blunt. And who doesn’t want a katana skin in lieu of a pickaxe? You will have to pay 1,800 V-Bucks to look the part, but it comes with a unique animation in the pack as well. Snake Eyes stores that sweet katana on his back, but when the building materials need farming or some fools need to get embarrassed with a melee down, you can pull the blade off your back. The added flair is certainly a nice touch.


It’s uncertain if other G.I. Joe skins will arrive in Fortnite, but there are plenty more characters to draw on from this series. It’s certainly a possibility that some more heroes and baddies alike could enter the item shop in the future. As for the Snake Eyes skin, it’s only available in the Fortnite item shop for a little longer. Head on over and contract the ninja now if you want it.

Fortnite snake eyes skin

Destination Fortnite

Fortnite is clearly growing into the ultimate cross-over experience in gaming. There are far too many licensed skins to count these days, but there are a lot. The Terminator, Predator, and Green Arrow are just the most recent examples. Some fans love it, but others seem to be getting tired of Epic’s continued efforts to make Fortnite the ultimate destination for all fictitious characters. At this rate though, it seems to be the going marketing strategy.

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