Fortnite Terminator Skins

If you’ve kept up with Epic’s hit battle royale this season, you know by now that there are a lot of crossovers. We thought the Marvel season had reached pinnacle levels of collaboration between brands for the game, but this season seems pretty robust too. The Mandalorian, Master Chief, the Predator, and soon, Terminator skins are all going to be running around collecting bounties in Fortnite. Talk about a list of characters you don’t want on your heels.

Epic first teased the crossover with a tweet via the official Fortnite account. The tease described a targets description as “A ruthless machine and a protector of the future.” Anyone that’s familiar with the Terminator franchise will immediately recognize these as lore references to the Terminator model machines and Sarah Connor. The story of the original film makes sense of this description, and there’s really not much else that you could mistake this hint for. Of course, a little validation always helps.


Due to the overwhelming popularity of Fortnite, very little information makes it past the devoted community. Epic Games regularly prepares new content by adding code which contains text, assets, and other references. In other cases, partnered distributers accidentally spill the beans with careless scheduling or bugs that reveal things a little earlier than intended. That’s the case this time with Sony, which revealed an image of the upcoming Terminator skins coming to Fortnite.

FortTory is a reputable leaker of Fortnite-related news and information, and it picked up on the latest buzz. As you can see, the leaked image clearly reveals some appearances that are from the most recent Terminator film. We can see that a grizzly Sarah Connor and T-800 skin will be available in the game soon.

The future is (almost) now

Following precedent, it’s likely these skins will cost about 1,500 V-Bucks each and be available in the game shop soon. That could be within the next week, but we’re not able to confirm anything. We suspect there will be additional cosmetics that go along with these skins though, such as pickaxes, emotes, backbling, weapon skins, and maybe a glider. Epic tends to do each crossover a little different, so we will just have to see.

The one glaring issue with this Terminator crossover is the obvious lack of an Arnold Schwarzenegger appearance. It would be nice if the T-800 Terminator was able change in game, but something related to the iconic anti-hero surely has to be in the cards.

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