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Gamescom 2015 Conference Times and Points of PC Interest

Gamescom isn’t quite the corporate conference-fest of E3, but there still a few companies (and individual games) getting their own stage presentations or streamed events. Since there’s a statistical likelihood that most of the people interested in these presentations won’t actually be in Cologne this week, here’s what they are and where they can be found online.

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We’re a PC site, obviously, so there’ll also be a bit of commentary about what a particular talk might have to offer to our lovely platform. They’re arranged in date/time order.

Microsoft – 4 August (7.00am Pacific US / 10.00am Eastern US / 3.00pm BST / 4.00pm CEST)

Where To Watch: This one is over now, but you can see the whole thing on the Xbox YouTube channel.

PC Points of Interest: Considering Microsoft’s page above leads with all Xbox One stuff (Halo 5, Crackdown, Quantum Break, Scalebound,) chances of the PC seeing much love aren’t all that great. It’s quite possible some of those games will wind up on PC of course (as with Ryse, Dead Rising 3 and others,) but Gamescom probably isn’t the place where Microsoft will commit to that.

They threw us some Killer Instinct and Gears of War shaped bones at E3, but it’s more likely that third-party stuff and indies will provide anything of relevance to the PC. Unless there’s a lengthy monologue about DirectX 12 or something.

Fallout 4 showed up at Microsoft’s E3 event, so it might be there again (and more relevant this time, since it won’t just be a repeat of the previous evening’s Bethesda event.)

Electronic Arts – 5 August (1.00am Pacific US / 4.00am Eastern US / 9.00am BST / 10.00am CEST)

Where To Watch: This one has wrapped up, but you can watch the main segments on EA’s Twitch channel.

PC Points of Interest: There should be a fair bit to see here, assuming you have an interest in EA’s catalogue. Star Wars: Battlefront will be showing some Fighter Squadron gameplay. Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst has been teasing some proper gameplay too, so expect a trailer along those lines. It’s just about possible that Mass Effect: Andromeda will have something more substantial to offer too, though that’s been kept under wraps if it is the case.

FIFA 16 will presumably get an airing in a continent that actually cares a little bit more about it, though probably without Pele’s E3 anecdotes this time. Conversely, I doubt Madden 16 or NHL will get much of a slot in the land that’s predominately football-or-nothing-mate. Need for Speed: Another Reboot Edition should be there though.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 – 5 August (10.00am Pacific US / 1.00pm Eastern US / 6.00pm BST / 7.00 CEST)

Where To Watch: It’s over now, but the stream should be archived here.

PC Points of Interest: Well, it’ll be on PC so it really depends how keen you are to watch something about Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. According to Treyarch “eSports will be the focus” and “a global group of competitive players” will be taking part in a series of show matches to demonstrate  just how gosh darn eSports the game is going to be. That sounds a bit boring to me, but you may feel different.

World of Warcraft: Expansion Reveal – 6 August (9.00am Pacific US / 12.00pm Eastern US / 5.00pm BST / 6.00pm CEST)

Where To Watch: You can see the archived reveal of World of Warcraft: Legion right here.

PC Points of Interest: Blizzard actually have a pair of events on at Gamescom, but their ‘media briefing’ event on 5 August (11.00am BST) is not being streamed live. You’ll have to rely on reports from Cologne for word about Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void and the latest bits and pieces regarding Hearthstone. Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch will probably get their due as well.

The 6 August stream is all about the latest (and sixth) World of Warcraft expansion.

Paradox Interactive Fan Gathering – 6 August (11.30am Pacific US / 2.30pm Eastern US / 7.30pm BST / 8.30pm CEST)

Where To Watch: It’s done and dusted now, but you can watch it again here.

PC Points of Interest: Well, this Stellaris space title for one thing. There’s probably going to be a bit about the upcoming Pillars of Eternity expansion too. Beyond that, perhaps some further support (DLC) for Paradox’s existing titles.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – 7 August (9.00am Pacific US / 12.00pm Eastern US / 5.00pm BST / 6.00pm CEST)

Where To Watch: On the Deus Ex Twitch channel.

PC Points of Interest: Eidos Montreal say they’ll be using this stream to “share some new information on Mankind Divided.” That’s not terribly specific, but it’s all there is to go on.

Star Citizen – 7 August (11.00am Pacific US / 2.00pm Eastern US / 7.00pm BST / 8.00pm CEST)

Where To Watch: The whole shindig will be broadcast live on the Star Citizen Twitch channel.

PC Points of Interest: According to Cloud Imperium themselves, this broadcast is intended to run until midnight (local time,) making this whole thing four hours long. That either means there’s an awful lot of Star Citizen to show, or an awful lot of padding to disguise. If it’s anything like last Gamescom’s show, there’s a non-zero chance of seeing Chris Roberts get drunk and crash virtual spaceships.

There should be more demonstrations of multi-crew ships in action, surely some time dedicated to the Star Marine FPS ‘module,’ and no doubt some kind of update on Squadron 42 (the single player missions bit.) As for the rest, little is certain other than that the event will probably start late. They always start late.

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