Genshin Impact Tatara Tales The Final Act Guide Xavier Favor

Genshin Impact: Tatara Tales — The Final Act guide

Finally, it's over... I think.
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There’s no doubt that many players have been going back and forth Tatarasuna just to meet up with Xavier. If you’ve managed to progress further in the questline, then the seventh day of doing each task would let you conclude the entire endeavor. Here’s our Genshin Impact Tatara Tales – The Final Act guide to help you out.

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Genshin Impact Tatara Tales – The Final Act guide

Talk to Xavier and he’ll tell you that preparations for the Purification Device are complete. There will be a marked location overlooking the Mikage Furnace, so make your way there.

Oops! It looks like Xavier forgot some components, so you’ll need to pick them up. You’ll find the three components denoted by glowing markers along the cliff and bridges leading to your location, so just pick them up and hand them over to the inventor.

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Next, Xavier will tell you to go to the Mikage Furnace, the giant forge that we’ve visited a few times. Here, you’ll fight a few Fatui enemies. After clearing the area, it’s time to move to the bottommost part of Tatarasuna (close to the shore where you found the Arsenal Gate and Katsuragikiri Nagamasa).

Xavier will plop down the Purification Device and you’ll need to defend it from six Fatui enemies. You’ll fight three opponents at first, then the next set will spawn (i.e., a Mirror Maiden and two Fatui Assassins). Mind you, aggroing them and using crowd control abilities are important since they can easily destroy the Purification Device if they get close to it.

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With the hostiles defeated, a short cutscene will trigger. Xavier asks you to go to the top of the area, so just use a fast travel point and glide to the marked spot. It looks like the whole process worked, and Tatarasuna has been cleansed of dark energy.

Go to Kujou Encampment and talk to the soldier. Xavier will thank you for your help and hand a blueprint for a stool (which is a terrible reward for this quest chain). It looks like Tatara Tales – The Final Act truly is the conclusion of this Genshin Impact questline, but there’s something odd about the dialogue. Xavier says that he needs to ask one more favor, then the screen fades to black and he disappears. I’m not sure if we’ll see him again or if it’s just an in-joke considering how we’ve been visiting him each day for the past week.

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