Genshin Impact Venti Guide Weapons Artifacts Talents

Without a doubt, Venti is one of the best characters in Genshin Impact. A key reason is that his elemental burst gathers and pulls enemies closer together, allowing your team to burst down mobs with ease. Here’s our mini-guide to help you with his weapons, artifacts, and talents.

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Genshin Impact guide: Venti’s weapons, artifacts, and talents

Venti’s weapon: The Stringless or Favonius Warbow

Source: Like Venti himself, both these weapons are from Wish microtransactions/gacha pulls. However, I found that Favonius Warbow drops more often compared to The Stringless.

Venti’s DPS greatly increases with The Stringless. This is due to the weapon’s boosts to elemental skill and elemental burst damage. Alternatively, you could go with Favonius Warbow if you haven’t obtained The Stringless yet. The weapon buffs the energy recharge rate.

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Artifact set: The Exile or Viridescent Venerer

Source: The Exile artifact set tends to drop often when you’re doing various activities in Genshin Impact. The Viridescent Venerer set, meanwhile, comes from the Valley of Remembrance domain.

I actually tend to favor The Exile set because it lessens the need to farm ideal Viridescent Venerer rolls. Plus, the energy recharge rates for Venti (two-piece bonus) and for other party members (four-piece bonus) make a world of difference. You could have your elemental bursts available fairly often.

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Talents priority: Wind’s Grand Ode -> Normal Attack (Divine Marksmanship) -> Skyward Sonnet

Venti’s primary use in your Genshin Impact roster is to open up engagements especially in the Spiral Abyss dungeon. As such, it’s imperative that Venti pops his elemental burst (Wind’s Grand Ode) to gather lots of mobs. This is followed by an additional chain reaction (i.e., overload or electro-charged) from your other characters. Then, switch back to Venti and cast his elemental skill to regen his energy via orbs once more. Because of the above, leveling up Wind’s Grand Ode is a priority.

As for Venti’s Constellations, I must admit that I really haven’t seen much use out of “Splitting Gales” (Constellation #1) since it relies on aimed shots. The next few Constellations, however, greatly increase the capabilities of Venti’s Anemo damage. Sadly, you have to be very lucky with your gacha pulls to acquire duplicates of him.

Note: Get “Ballad” items from the Forsaken Rift domain every Wednesday and Saturday for Venti’s talent leveling material.

Genshin Impact Venti Guide Weapons Artifacts Talents 3

Ascension Materials

  • Slime Condensate – Dropped by slime mobs; higher-tier versions can be crafted by an alchemist NPC.
  • Vayuda Turquoise – Dropped by Anemo Hypostasis; purchased from Souvenir Shop; higher-tier versions can be crafted by an alchemist NPC.
  • Hurricane Seed – Dropped by Anemo Hypostasis.
  • Cecilia – There’s one guaranteed farming spot for Cecilia and that’s Starsnatch Cliff. Check out the map below.

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