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We’re finally getting close to the release of Tango Gameworks’ supernatural thriller, Ghostwire: Tokyo. After a delay, the game is on track to launch on March 25. As is tradition, the company, along with publisher Bethesda Softworks, is releasing more info now that we’re closer to launch. Today, you can check out the PC system requirements for Ghostwire: Tokyo, which won’t fill your storage space at 20 GB. The specs themselves are nearly just as merciful.

Ghostwire: Tokyo, as seen from its recent livestream, looks great. As such, I’m kind of surprised by how little it demands to make it run. Ghostwire: Tokyo‘s Steam page was updated with the PC system requirements recently, and the main standout is the game’s need for 12 GB of RAM at minimum. For the most part, even if your rig hasn’t been upgraded in the last five years, you should still be able to run the game.


The minimum PC system requirements for Ghostwire: Tokyo are nice and breezy. You’ll need the equivalent of a GTX 1060 or AMD 5500 XT for your GPU. On the CPU end, you’re looking at something around an i7-4770K or a Ryzen 5 2600. The game does require 12 GB of RAM at minimum, however. Since 16 GB is the standard of today, you should be all right.

The recommended specs aren’t a major leap forward, oddly. For the GPU, you’re looking at something akin to a GTX 1080 or RX 5600 XT. You need an i7-6700 CPU or, according to the info, the same Ryzen 5 2600. The game recommends 16 GB of RAM. Finally, in both cases, Ghostwire requires 20 GB of SSD storage, which honestly isn’t so bad.

Ghostwire Tokyo Pc System Requirements Storage

Something strange in the Tokyo neighborhood

Ghostwire: Tokyo is a supernatural horror-action game influenced by Japanese mythology. You use mystical powers to hunt down and often combat ghosts, all in a story that revolves around your fight to rescue your loved ones. The game certainly looks intriguing. Our sister-site Destructoid previewed the game, saying it was “stylish and curious.” And I guess there’s also a flying cat shopkeeper. I’m sold.

Ghostwire Tokyo Pc System Requirements Storage 2

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