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Grime: Guides and features hub

Grime Guides And Features Hub

Grime is a Souls-like Metroidvania. Skill-based combat focusing on well-timed blocks and absorbs, along with lots of tricky platforming puzzles, are what you can expect during your playthrough. Its world is filled with deadly enemies, fiendish traps, and well-hidden secrets. You can expect a few deaths, but the challenge remains all the same. Here’s our Grime guides and features hub to help you during your run.

Note: Just to clarify, we weren’t allowed to divulge details about encounters or areas past a certain point in the game. As such, our guide series ends abruptly before reaching that section.


Grime: Guides and features hub

Official review – Pillars with eyes and walls with grasping limbs. Creepy monsters and bizarre bosses. Vicious combat and puzzles filled with devious traps. These are what you can look forward to if you play Grime. Is the overall experience worth your while?

Beginner’s guide – Are you just starting your journey in Grime‘s surreal world? Our beginner’s guide has several tips to help you with combat, exploration, and leveling.

The Nervepass and fast traveling – It’s a Metroidvania, so you can expect a lot of backtracking. There are a few ways to go back and forth certain areas, but the system still feels limited.

Enemy absorption and unlockable traits – Certain enemies can be absorbed and instantly killed, allowing you to obtain traits. In turn, you’ll assign your Hunt Points to activate new perks. Here’s our guide to help you find the monsters that you need to eliminate.

Weapon locations, stats, and special attacks – You’ll find an assortment of weapons using the strength, dexterity, or resonance stats. Our weapons guide has a list of these gear pieces so you can plan your stat point allocations ahead of time.

Carven Palace walkthrough – This massive area has an elevator and multiple floors that you need to explore.

Garden zone walkthrough – Poisonous plants and relentless enemies await you as you attempt to find a quest item.

Worldpillar secrets and collectibles – The Worldpillar acts as a central hub. It’s got NPCs that sell gear and items, as well as an entity that can upgrade your weapons.

Other secrets and missable bosses/items – You’ll want to defeat specific minibosses or acquire some items before you reach certain points in Grime‘s campaign. Otherwise, you might completely miss out on them.

Note: Grime is available via Steam.

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