Hellpoint Nervous Wiring Ai Patch Conductor

Nervous Wiring is an extremely rare material in Hellpoint that’s required for the A.I. Patch Conductor. What’s that? Well, it’s an item needed by the Architect so you can reach Hellpoint‘s final boss and true ending. Here’s our guide to help you out.

Note: For more information, check out our Hellpoint guides and features hub.

Hpoint Nervw 1

Hellpoint: Where the heck(point) do you find Nervous Wiring?

In Hellpoint, you can find Nervous Wiring in two (or maybe three) locations. In fact, a handprint in the Observatory next to the 3D printer tells you where it might be located (seen above). I have only found two confirmed locations so far during my playthroughs.

Location #1: The Observatory vendor

The first location is actually close by. It’s right underneath the Observatory’s main platform. Head down below and you’ll see a few ledges.

Hpoint Nervw 2

Continue jumping — or sliding down, rather — until you get to the bottom area of the structure.

Hpoint Nervw 3

You’ll find some loot here and a rail that takes you back up. Use that to reach the internal area of the Observatory.

Hpoint Nervw 4

Once you reach the enclosure, you’ll find a zombie mob that’s crouching. Do not kill it under any circumstances because that’s the vendor.

Hpoint Nervw 5

The zombie mob has various materials for trade, and one of these could be the Nervous Wiring. You do need “rations” (another rare item in Hellpoint that can be picked up in various areas).

Note: If the zombie isn’t trading Nervous Wiring, you’ll need to travel to a new area and wait a bit until its inventory refreshes. I’m unsure about the waiting time for this.

Hpoint Nervw 6

Location #2: Arcology – Underside

The other Nervous Wiring location in Hellpoint is in Arcology – Underside. However, you need a fixed EVA Suit for that area since the “broken” set just won’t cut it. Read our EVA Suit guide if you need help.

Anyway, to get to Arcology – Underside, you’ll need to travel to Arcology then Ikari Walkways. Towards the end of Ikari Walkways, you’ll battle the Artillery miniboss. The bottom exit of that room leads to Arcology – Underside.

Hellpoint Nervous Wiring Ai Patch Conductor 1a

Once you’ve reached that zone, head to the leftmost area and you’ll find an elevator.

Hellpoint Nervous Wiring Ai Patch Conductor 1b

This will take you to the “spacewalk” part of the zone. Save your game, make sure you’re wearing the full EVA Suit, and step out of the airlock.

Hellpoint Nervous Wiring Ai Patch Conductor 1c

Our goal is to reach the section to our right.

Hellpoint Nervous Wiring Ai Patch Conductor 1d

Use the walkways to the left until you reach the shooter mobs just before the artillery monster.

Hellpoint Nervous Wiring Ai Patch Conductor 1e

Outside, there’s a rail that’ll take us to another walkway that goes to the opposite section.

From here, battle some hostiles to get some breathing room (that’s a joke because you’d die due to lack of oxygen unless you have the EVA Suit).

Hellpoint Nervous Wiring Ai Patch Conductor 1f

Anyway, while facing the breach/save point from earlier, look to your left.

Hellpoint Nervous Wiring Ai Patch Conductor 1g

You’ll find a ledge that loops around the building we’re at. It also leads to another section…

Hellpoint Nervous Wiring Ai Patch Conductor 1h

That’s being guarded by different artillery mob, so watch out.

Hellpoint Nervous Wiring Ai Patch Conductor 1i

Take out the artillery mob.

Hellpoint Nervous Wiring Ai Patch Conductor 1j

Then, look at the walkways. These will take you, once more, to another section that looks so out of place.

Hellpoint Nervous Wiring Ai Patch Conductor 1l

Oh, it looks like we’ll do a bit of platforming here. Be careful — you don’t want to die here since that’ll send you all the way back to the previous save point.

Hellpoint Nervous Wiring Ai Patch Conductor 1m

At the very bottom of this structure, you’ll find the Nervous Wiring. Hurray!

Hellpoint Nervous Wiring Ai Patch Conductor 1n

Getting outta there

After grabbing the Nervous Wiring, you’ll also notice that there’s a ledge to the side. Jump to it and run around. The rail here will take all the way to the top of the structure.

Hpoint Nervw E1

There’s a part that you can jump to with yet another rail, and this will allow you to reach a ledge so you can cross the gap.

Hpoint Nervw E2

You can pick up the Aegis Armature set here as well as open a locked door.

Hpoint Nervw E3

Climb down from there and you’ll reach the save point at the opposite side of the zone. You can also activate a switch that’ll bridge the gap between your location and the building with the artillery mob from earlier (in case you need to head back the way you came).

Hpoint Nervw E4

We’ll just enter the airlock here. This will lead to a battle against the Transporter miniboss (an enemy that looks like a raptor).

Hpoint Nervw E5

Once the boss has been defeated, you can exit this zone via the nearby doorway. You’ll get goodies such as the Branch of Light (+50,000 axion when consumed via a breach) and the Observatory Gallery Key. If you use the rail going upwards, you’ll be back at the Observatory too.

Hpoint Nervw E6

The third location and moving onwards to Hellpoint’s final boss and true ending

The third location, as I’ve heard, is somewhere in Sohn District (and that’s also what the handprint says). Unfortunately, I haven’t found it there. So, if any Hellpoint players have more information, let me know.

In any case, whether you obtained the Nervous Wiring from the Observator Vendor or the spacewalk in Arcology – Underside, it’s time to craft the A.I Patch Conductor using any regular 3D printer.

Note: You still need to find Pulse Mineral and Alumina, but the Nervous Wiring is the rarest component of the bunch.

Hpoint Nervw E7

With that done, you can speak to the Architect and tell him that you’ve completed this requirement. Remember that you’re not done yet — you still need to activate a terminal in Port Issoudun and reach 100% completion.

Doing these will let you travel to the High Ateliers zone. Oh, and don’t forget to make sure that the Architect is heading there too, as his contribution’s part of Hellpoint‘s final boss and true ending.

Hpoint Nervw E8

Hellpoint is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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