Hogwarts Legacy gameplay will be shown later this week

Hogwarts Legacy gameplay

Hogwarts Legacy, the eagerly anticipated title set in the Wizarding World, is getting a gameplay reveal later this week. A post on PlayStation’s blog announced that the game will get its own State of Play presentation on March 17 at 5 p.m. ET. The showing will last for 20 minutes in total, with 14 minutes devoted to gameplay. Along with a gameplay reveal, we’ll be hearing from a few of the developers at Avalanche Software as well.

The presentation should play out similarly to Gran Turismo 7‘s own State of Play that aired early in February. Hogwarts Legacy‘s presentation won’t be as long, though, so don’t expect the presentation to give a very in depth look at the title. Still, it should be a great opportunity to see what the game has in store.


Hogwarts Legacy makes its magical gameplay debut

It’s been quite some time since we’ve heard about Hogwarts Legacy, let alone seen any gameplay. In fact, we haven’t had a proper trailer for the game since September 2020. The trailer has well over 28 million views now, so it’s clear that fans are at least curious about the game. We knew about Hogwarts Legacy long before that, since leaks in 2018 spoiled the surprise. Regardless, it’s been a long time since the announcement, and we’ve barely seen any gameplay outside a few snippets from that first trailer. Apart from the fact that it’s an action role-playing game, we don’t really know too much about it.

Hogwarts Legacy gameplay

The upcoming State of Play presentation is an important event for the title. After all, this will be the first time we see proper footage of the game in action. We may also get an idea of when Hogwarts Legacy will be released. Ever since the game was delayed in 2021, fans have been wondering when they can expect to see the game next. Avalanche Software stated that the game will be out sometime in 2022, but it hasn’t said much beyond that. Hopefully, we get a better idea of when to expect the game soon, whether that be at the upcoming State of Play or another event in the near future.

Hogwarts Legacy‘s gameplay presentation is certainly something to look forward to on March 17. The hope is that we won’t have to wait too much longer to toss on the wizard’s robe and wield our very own wand.

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