Horizon Zero Dawn Pc Amazon

Horizon: Zero Dawn could well be heading to PC, if a listing on Amazon France is to be believed. For weeks, rumors have swirled amid speculation that the Sony exclusive sandbox title might be making its way to PC platforms. This is the most concrete evidence yet to support those claims.

There’s not a lot to the listing at present, as the bare bones Amazon page contains no details nor pictures. What remains to be seen is whether the listing will be updated with more information, or whether it’ll disappear entirely so as to remove any trace that it ever existed.

Horizon Zero Dawn Amazon France Pc Listing

Regardless, the Amazon listing has fans excited for more than just a PC release of Horizon: Zero Dawn. That it would show up on the all-purpose storefront at all suggests the possibility it may get a physical release. Even if this doesn’t happen, a listing on Amazon suggests that the game could be coming to multiple storefronts. This should relieve those who worry the game might only arrive on the Epic Games Store.

The leap to PC

Before now, it’s been uncommon to see PlayStation exclusive titles leave their home console for a spot on the PC. But the games industry has shifted significantly in recent years. Microsoft has taken the lead in publishing Xbox exclusive titles to PC. This has always made a certain degree of sense, as the company is therefore able to push their Windows operating systems.

Horizon Zero Dawn Amazon Pc

If Sony is also to start publishing home-grown titles to PC, it could spell the end of the console exclusive – or at least a change in the way exclusives operate. Historically, hardware manufacturers have seen exclusive titles as selling points for their systems. This ethos appears to be changing. Already at the top of the console war for the current generation, Sony might feel Horizon: Zero Dawn is old enough that it’s no longer a system seller. If so, the company might as well get some extra cash from selling a PC port on Amazon.

As a new generation of consoles approaches, it’ll be interesting to see how Microsoft and Sony approach exclusive titles, and whether PC gamers will benefit as a result.

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