How to beat Mahjoob in Diablo 4

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To compliment the already fascinating story of Diablo 4, you can engage in the hundreds of side missions littered throughout Sanctuary. The one side mission that pops out in Diablo 4 is with Mahjoob, but how do you beat him?

While roaming the desert of the Amber Sands, and after helping the Mahjoob, you’ll have to face him in a vicious boss battle. He even may throw the kitchen sink at you if you’re playing on a higher World Tier.

Diablo 4: How to beat Mahjoob

To trigger this boss fight, you must complete a quest chain starting with ‘Unsafe Travels’ and ending with ‘Road to Ruin‘. Both are located in the Amber Sands.

Mahjoob uses a lot of attacks to make the battle carry on. The longer the fight goes, the fewer options you could have. So if you’re playing as a Rouge or a Sorcerer, finishing the fight as soon as you can is the best course of action.

He has a few attacks that are AoE-based that you can negate with a build like the Frost Sorcerer. This can outright stop those attacks from happening because you could potentially freeze him in place. If you can hold him in a position, laying on consistent attacks can be easier this way.

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Note that he also throws out attacks that make you lose your speed. You can see where these attacks are on the ground. So as long as you go in between each circle, you should be able to anticipate them better.

Additionally, he has abilities that can suck life from you and heal him. To counter this I used the AoE attacks of my Necromancer Solo Build. With the Enhanced Bloodsurge, I’m able to stop him from stealing my health, and also heal myself at the same time.

On top of that, it builds up Mahjoob’s stun meter. Pairing that with my Iron Golem’s main attack, Majoob stood no chance. While he won’t get impacted by the Vulnerable debuff, the Stun can effectively replace that. The best part is all while this is happening, my skeleton army is outputting devastating damage.

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