How to complete the On the Run mission in Starfield

Starfield On The Run Mei Devine Closeup At Red Mile
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When you begin working for the Freestar Collective Rangers in Starfield, you encounter a lot of thrilling adventures that take you to remote places around the galaxy. You meet interesting individuals and take huge risks, as in the On the Run mission. Here is our guide telling you how to complete the On the Run mission in Starfield.

Starfield – How to complete the On the Run mission

Missions you carry out on behalf of the Freestar Collective Rangers will take you all over the galaxy, and introduce you to characters you’d not otherwise meet. The On the Run mission takes place just after the halfway point on the list of Freestar Collective Rangers missions. To complete the On the Run mission, you must run the Red Mile to get information about Marco’s location, and then meet him to acquire an encrypted slate.

Starfield Red Mile Starport Arrival

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Go to Red Mile

You start with a visit to the Red Mile, which is a popular establishment on Porrima III in the Porrima system. You may have already visited on your own while exploring. If so, fast-travel to that location to get started.

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Starfield On The Run Meet Autumn Macmillan At Red Mile

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Talk to Autumn Macmillan

As you arrive at the Spaceport at Red Mile, you find you need to get in touch with Autumn Macmillan. She waits inside the main building. Proceed to the main building and enter the airlock. If this is your first visit, you will witness a scene involving Stocker and a patron who tried to leave without paying for his meal. Mei, the proprietor, averts bloodshed. Then you should continue exploring the nearby area.

Find Autumn seated at the bar in the main lobby. Approach her and initiate a conversation, which lets you introduce yourself. Autumn should agree to introduce you to her contact, who may be able to help you locate Marco. Next, just follow Autumn Macmillan to a nearby table. Go ahead and sit at the table by selecting the chair nearest where Autumn sits (it should have a blue mission beacon).

Starfield On The Run Meet With Autumns Contact Jade Macmillan

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Meet with Autumn’s contact

When you sit at the table, talk to Jade Macmillan. This is no time for secrets. Tell her about your ongoing investigation of the First. She reveals what she knows about Marco, and a lot of it isn’t new information. However, it’s clear you need to speak with Mei, the woman you saw upon first arriving at Red Mile.

Your contacts discuss what you’ll need to do to gain Mei’s assistance. It’s pretty clear you’ll need to run the Red Mile. But first, you need to make arrangements.

Starfield On The Run Talk To Mei Devine At Red Mile

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Talk to Mei Devine

Meet with Mei Devine. Your blue mission beacon will lead you to her. She doesn’t stand in any one place. Mostly, she sticks to the lobby and adjoining rooms. You can spot her easily because she wears a long red dress.

Mei reveals that a meeting with Marco would be quite the prize. If you want her to make the introductions, you’ll have to do just what your contacts suggested and run the Red Mile. When you agree, she’ll lead the way to a stage. You should listen to Mei Devine’s introduction. It allows her to secure wagers from local gamblers. Then you can get started.

Starfield On The Run Pedestal At End Of Red Mile Course

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Activate the Red Mile Beacon

The Red Mile event requires you to activate a beacon at the start. Start by investigating the Powered Switch to close the bay door behind you. Then follow the passage and pass through an airlock. Descend some stairs to find an elevator. Ride the elevator to the Crater Floor level.

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Once you make your entry, run to the far end of the field and find the Pedestal. There are monsters and buildings along the way, but I just like to rush past them and activate the pedestal, which is the beacon in question. Once you do so, the game advises you to talk to Mei Devine again. Simply backtrack to where you met her previously and have the conversation you have earned. Then talk to Autumn Macmillan again. Her icy demeanor toward you will have thawed a bit. Yet again, talk to Mei Devine. She finally tells you where to meet with Marco.

Starfield On The Run Fast Travel To Codos Moon Of Akila

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Go to Codos

Fast-travel to Codos. It is the Moon of Akila, in the Cheyenne system. When I first arrived, I encountered some weak enemy ships. I believe this is part of the mission in general, so be ready (as you always should be) for a little space combat. Then you can view the planet map and select Fortuna as your destination. It is Marco’s ship. Your next step is to board Marco’s ship.

Starfield On The Run Confront Marco

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Confront Marco

Enter the ship. It is a large vessel, so you’ll need to make your way to the far end to confront Marco. However, no one should attack you. After all, you made an appointment ahead of time.

When you meet Marco, you have options. Although you could always attack him and battle both the ship’s captain and its crew, that’s not really your goal. He suggests that the Rangers let him operate with a free hand, and I agreed to those terms. If you take the same approach, he will hand over the Encrypted Slate. It is a peaceful solution, which is ideal. In my case, Andreja liked that.

Starfield On The Run Give The Encrypted Slate To Alex Shadid In The Rock

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Give the Encrypted Slate to Alex Shadid

Now you simply need to hand the Encrypted Slate to Alex Shadid. Exit the Fortuna and fast-travel to Akila City. Alex Shadid is waiting for you on the third floor in The Rock. It’s one of the easier rooms to find by now, and besides, the blue mission beacon will lead you to it.

When you hand over the Encrypted Slate to Alex Shadid, you receive 350 XP and 8300 credits, which is one of the most generous mission rewards I have received in the game. You also activate the First to Fight, First to Die mission. Good going!

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