How to get Dark Matter in FF7 Rebirth
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How to get Dark Matter in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (FF7)

One of the toughest crafting materials to acquire.

The Transmuter is a helpful tool in FF7 Rebirth that allows the player to craft powerful items. Through the Transmuter, players can use Dark Matter to create some of the best accessories in the game—this guide explains how to find it.

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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: All Dark Matter locations

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: All Dark Matter locations
Screenshot: PC Invasion

In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, players can collect Dark Matter by competing in various minigames. It’s not that simple, though, as earning the Dark Matter usually requires the player to score very well on a high difficulty.

Here are all the locations/minigames where you can earn Dark Matter in FF7 Rebirth:

  • Junon: Get Rank III in the Dolphin Show mini-game.
  • Gold Saucer: Get Rank II in Galactic Savrios on Expert.
  • Gold Saucer: Get Rank II in G-Bike on Expert.
  • Gold Saucer: Win the Kujata Stampede challenge in Chocobo Racing.
  • Gold Saucer: Defeat Shiva in 3D Brawler.
  • Corel Desert: Get Rank III in Cactuar Crush 3.
  • Corel Desert: Get Rank IV in Cactuar Crush 4.
  • Dustbowl: Get Rank II in Gold Rush on Challenging.

While the minigames in FF7 Rebirth are fun, they are no easy feat. Obtaining all Dark Matter materials will take you some time, and don’t expect to acquire them all in one fell swoop. I recommend starting on easier difficulties and working your way up. Practice and patience make perfect, eventually leading you to get each Dark Matter.

What is Dark Matter used for in FF7 Rebirth?

Dark Matter is mainly used to create powerful accessories for your characters in the Transmuter. Below are all the available items you can make with Dark Matter in FF7 Rebirth.

  • Enhanced Psychic’s Charm
  • Enhanced Karmic Cowl
  • Enhanced Malboro Orb
  • Enhanced Expeditionary Medal
  • Enhanced Draconic Ring
  • Enhanced Camaraderie Earrings

As you can see, Dark Matter creates enhanced versions of accessories that can make your party much more prepared for the endgame bosses. I recommend going for the Enhanced Psychic’s Charm first, as it increases the wearer’s max MP and Magic power.

Out of all the minigames that earn you Dark Matter, I believe Chocobo Racing to be the toughest. Check out our guide on the best Chocobo Racing gear in FF7 Rebirth to gain a massive advantage against the competition.

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