How To Grow Nightfall In Botany Manor
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How to grow Nightfall in Botany Manor

For the midnight moths.

Nightfall in Botany Manor has the most amount of clues, which makes it quite a complex flower to figure out. If you’re stuck figuring out how to grow Nightfall in Botany Manor, we can help you out.

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Botany Manor: How to grow Nightfall

Nightfall is one of four flowers you must grow during Chapter 4. It’ll take you a longer time than usual to collect Nightfall’s clues, and it’s best you save this one till the end of the Chapter. You can grow Nightfall in Botany Manor by shining the colors blue, yellow, orange, and red on the flower in the attic.

Before you get to this point, you need to round up all the clues for Nightfall after unlocking the library door code, as well as passing the library symbols puzzle. Here are all the clues connected to Nightfall:

  • Sunset Painting: Library (inside the hidden room behind symbols door)
  • Grandma’s Research: Library (inside the hidden room behind symbols door)
  • Fairy Painting: Corridor
  • Fairy Story: Master Bedroom
  • Sight of Plants: Attic
  • Moths Poster: Attic
  • Moth Calendar: Attic
  • Trapped Moths: Attic
How To Solve The Library Symbols Puzzle In Botany Manor Open
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You’ll get your first clues for Nightfall after completing the symbols puzzle and entering the hidden room with the Sunset Paintings and Grandma’s Research. These dictate that Nightfall will only bloom during a certain time of day and year, which you’ll have to replicate yourself. You’ll also be able to pick up Nightfall’s seeds here.

Fairy Painting
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After growing Sapphire Gloom and unlocking the door previously blocked by the tree branch, you can discover the Fairy Painting and Fairy Story. While the Fairy Story only really tells you that moths gravitate to flowers like Nightfall, you should take note of the fairy’s wings in the painting. You’ll then find the Attic Key in the Bell Tower near the clues for Brook Chalice.

How to use the Moth Poster and Calendar

  • How To Grow Nightfall In Botany Manor Moth Poster
  • How To Grow Nightfall In Botany Manor Moth Calendar

Inside the attic are the rest of the four clues to discover which may be confusing if you don’t know where to start. Begin by looking at the fairy’s wings in the fairy painting. If you then look at the Moths Poster, you’ll realize those unique wings belong to the Garden Tiger Moth. Directly below that is the Moth Calendar, and you can spot Garden Tiger Moth only around September.

Sunset September
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Now that you know which month this moth shows up, head back to the secret room in the library and look at the Sunset Paintings. Only one shows the colors of a sunset in September, which is the one in the image above. The colors are blue, yellow, orange, and red.

How To Grow Nightfall In Botany Manor Colors
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Now all you have to do is pot, plant, and water a Nightfall seed and take it to the attic. Place the pot in front of the “Magic Lantern” and open up the briefcase. It has an array of colors to choose from, and from left to right you’ll want to place blue, yellow, orange, then red.

Press the red button, and those colors will shine at Nightfall, causing it to bloom! Now that you’ve bloomed Nightfall and the other Chapter 4 flowers you can move on to Chapter 5 to grow flowers such as Fool’s Emerald and Springdance Shrub.

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