How to romance all characters in Starfield

Starfield Romance
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In Starfield, you can romance your companions. You can’t romance every character in the game, and the romance isn’t nearly as horny as Baldur’s Gate 3, but romance exists if you can pull it off. Here is how to romance every companion in Starfield.

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How to romance Sarah, Sam, Barrett, and Andreja in Starfield

Unfortunately, Vasco is not romanceable in Starfield, but the other four main companions are. The people you can romance in Starfield are Sarah Morgan, Sam Coe, Barrett, and Andreja. These four characters are the main companions you can have in Starfield, besides Adoring Fan who, sadly, isn’t romanceable.

To romance companions in Starfield, you need to know their likes and dislikes. In general, every companion likes when you do good things which is unfortunate if you want to do an evil playthrough. However, from my experience, I’ve found that Sarah Morgan and Barrett are much more likely to get mad at you for stealing, pickpocketing, killing, and being mean than Sam Coe and Andreja are.

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It’s hard to know exactly what each companion likes and dislikes, but here’s what we’ve discovered:

  • Sarah Morgan
    • Likes – Long walks on the beach, no I’m just joking. Honesty, integrity, being nice to everyone.
    • Dislikes – Stealing, pickpocketing, murder, being mean.
  • Sam Coe
    • Likes – Justice, punishment for crime, being nice. He doesn’t mind murder if it’s justified.
    • Dislikes – Breaking the law, being mean.
  • Barrett
    • Likes – Communication instead of violence, being nice.
    • Dislikes – Stealing, pickpocketing, murder, being mean.
  • Andreja
    • Likes – Helping those who can’t help themselves, being nice. She doesn’t mind pickpocketing and stealing if it’s justified.
    • Dislikes – Hurting innocent people, being mean.

The next step to romance a companion is to have them as your active companion. I’ve found it’s much easier to romance a companion when they are your active companion as opposed to just being assigned to your ship or outpost.

My final piece of advice to romance companions in Starfield is to choose the “flirt” dialogue options when they appear. Also, be nice to them and always get to know them. Over time, you’ll get closer and closer to your companion and eventually be able to fully romance them.

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