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The journey in creating Humankind has been just as incredible as the stories it wishes to tell. Amplitude Studios set out to create a Civ-like game that recollects the greatest hits of humanity. It also pushes ahead into a bright future if you manage to develop your faction that far. It’s appreciable to see all of the culture and advancement unfurl before your eyes though. You gradually progress from a hunter-gatherer society into a bustling industrial society with engines and factories. There’s no greater story than our evolution, and it looks quite rewarding.

Fans of turn-based strategy games have no doubt kept an eye on the project for some time. Today marks a key milestone in development though, as Humankind is now in Early Access with a playable Stadia demo. You can also pre-order the game in anticipation of its Spring 2021 release. Humankind will be available on PC, Mac, and any other devices that support Stadia. More ways to play is always a plus.

Every era, every civilization

The full game will support 10 different historical civilizations across six major eras of technological advancement. There will be a lot of ways to play and and options to explore. You can thank part of that to Amplitude’s community. The developers work closely with community feedback to continually shape the development process, and it should result in a very satisfying product come launch. You can jump into the Stadia demo today and get involved too if this sounds like your kind of jam. It’s not too late to make history.

Amplitude also launched a new promotional trailer today to get people hyped about Humankind Early Access. It’s generally brief, but you can get a glimpse of the graphics and gameplay. If you like what you see and want to learn more, you can then jump over to the game’s official website.

Humankind is currently 15% off its full $59.99 USD price for pre-orders. That’s for the deluxe version, so there may be a cheaper, standard version coming later if you want to wait for that. You can find Humankind on Steam and the Epic Games Store in addition to Stadia.

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