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Inkbound by Monster Train team launches into Early Access in May

Shiny Shoe returns.

The indie studio behind 2020’s hit Monster Train, Shiny Shoe, returns with Inkbound, which is going into Steam Early Access this May. The latter game brings creative tactical RPG elements to the table, including exhilarating battles, co-op, and nearly infinite roguelike replayability. Inkbound is a turn-based roguelike incorporating several aspects of what made Monster Train so successful.

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Inkbound is two months out from its Early Access launch

As mentioned above, Inkbound combines many successful elements of Monster Train in a brand new world permeated by whimsical and dangerous magic. In an MMO-like setting, players band together to explore the Atheneum and the worlds contained within. Of course, as a roguelike, no two runs are the same, with new experiences and challenges on each reset. Players will need to rethink their builds and strategies as they find hundreds of items, draftable abilities, and upgrades for those abilities. Inkbound boasts a turn-based combat system, but players move unhindered outside of combat.

Of course, solo adventurers have a place in Inkbound as well. However, the devs emphasize co-op as the best way to experience the game. Players meet in the Antheum, a vast library containing every story ever told. From there, parties of up to four players open books and dive into their stories. Within these stories, players face specialized threats and find unique ways to improve their characters.

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Shiny Shoe has some post-launch support planned. Over time, it’ll add new books, characters, and challenges to Inkbound. Additionally, at its full launch, Inkbound will have a Season Pass full of in-game cosmetics and currency for the cosmetic store. Completing the Season Pass rewards players with enough currency to purchase the next Season Pass, with some extra left over. More details on the Season Pass will be shared at a later date.

If the above strikes your interest, check out the official website for more information, or hit up Inkbound on Steam ahead of the Early Access date on May 22.

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