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American Truck Simulator just nabbed a new map a few weeks ago in the form of Utah. Now, SCS is giving ATS fans another sweet new treat right before the year ends—a new truck.

Not only is there a new truck, but it’s from a whole new brand that has never been in the game prior—the International LoneStar. The ILS has been teased for ATS for quite a few weeks ago, and now, by surprise, SCS has dropped the truck into the game via an update. That means that players will be able to access the new rig for free once the update is downloaded onto their system.

The LoneStar boasts “two colour variants, three cabin types, three interior options, six chassis variants, ten engine variations and twelve transmissions.” That’s quite the list of features, and certainly one that should please ILS fans.

American Truck Simulator is still relatively small when compared to its brother, Euro Truck Simulator 2. Its map is not as big, nor is its official vehicle count as high. Then again, ATS has been out for a shorter period of time, so it’s understandable. That being said, the team over at SCS is certainly trying their best to expand the game with both new scenery and new vehicles.

It’s been literally a year since the last truck addition, which was the Volvo VNL that came to the game back in November 2018. So, it’s a pretty slow burn in terms of new rigs to drive, but like the saying goes: “Better late than never.” Hopefully, 2020 will see a more steady stream of new additions. Nevertheless, let’s enjoy the new toy that has rolled its way into the game for the time being. SCS is inviting players to show off their new experiences with the LoneStar by posting some pics with the hashtag #ATSLoneStar.

American Truck Simulator International Lonestar Logs

Enjoy your shiny, new toy.

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