Is Lethal Company cross platform?

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If you’d rather venture out into the unknown moons of Lethal Company with a crewmate by your side, you’d best know which of your friends on another platform can give you company. Let’s look at Lethal Company and see whether the indie hit of 2023 is cross-platform.

Does Lethal Company support cross-platform?

At the time of writing, Lethal Company is only on PC via Steam. This means that the PlayStation 5 or Xbox versions of the game are not available yet. Seeing as Lethal Company is a fairly new indie game, it makes sense for it to not be cross-platform yet. I’ve noticed a pattern in indie games where they first release on a singular platform (usually PC) and if they do well on that platform then they enjoy a secondary release on consoles at a later date.

There are multiple reasons for this, such as reducing the development costs and time that go into porting a game to another platform, let alone the separate issues that come with designing a game for crossplay. Adding to that, Lethal Company was developed by one person, who goes by the name of Zeekerss, so there are not that many hands on deck. Ask anyone you know in the software development industry about the ton of work that goes into making an application cross-platform, and you’ll have a nice afternoon of venting to keep you occupied.

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Will Lethal Company have cross-platform in the future?

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You may be sad to hear your console friends can neither help you out with collecting scrap nor enroll in the Company themselves, but all hope is not lost. Lethal Company is still a baby at the moment, having been released in early access for PC in late October 2023. The creator himself has stated that Lethal Company is “finished” but still far from realizing its potential.”

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While developer Zeekerss has not yet given an update as to whether a console version is in the works, if the immense wave of popularity the game has garnered among players continues, we might just see that happen. Whenever Lethal Company does get updated with cross-platform, we’ll update this guide to let you know.

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