Netflix gave a first look at its upcoming Sonic Prime animated show

Netflix Sonic Prime Show First Look

It’s been more than a year since Netflix officially revealed its Sonic series, scheduled for this year. At last, we finally got our first look at Sonic Prime show, coming to Netflix from the Ben 10 studio Man of Action. It’s a short teaser attached to the ass-end of a trailer showcasing many new animated series coming to Netflix soon. But I’ll take what I can get.

Sonic Prime‘s aesthetics certainly look like they were pulled straight from the games. In fact, it won’t look so different than a polished cutscene from any recent game. In the teaser, we see him collect rings (no way), before holding one up and saying “I know what you’re thinking: I’m good. And powerful, apparently. Jealous?”


It’s not much, but we do get a glimpse on not only how the show will look, but what Sonic will sound like. Sonic will not be voiced by longtime actor Roger Craig Smith, who has lent his talent to Sonic games and shows for quite a few years now. Ben Schwartz, who voiced sonic in both the recent films, is also not taking on the role.

Check out the clip (starting at 1:49) below:

Cast in new roles

Netflix has apparently tapped into the talent of Deven Christian Mack for the Sonic Prime show. Mack confirmed the news earlier today with a cheeky “gotta go fast” gif and a bio change on Twitter. He will be the first Black voice actor for Sonic since Jaleel White left the role back in 1999 (with Sonic Underground). Other voice actors joining the production are reported to be Brian Drummond, Ashleigh Ball, and Vincent Tong.

We still don’t know all the details on Sonic Prime, but the show is scheduled to premiere on Netflix later this year. The remainder of the video above should also interest fans of animation. There’s a new Kung Fu Panda project on the way, as well as family-friendly take on Jurassic Park. Yeah, I don’t know either.

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