Earlier today Square Enix and Dontnod revealed 20 min of gameplay footage from Life is Strange 2. We see what is basically the prologue to the game and the very first episode. They have given us a glimpse that is so much more than the one-minute trailer. This was released via their official Facebook and Youtube Channel.

During the Official trailer released yesterday, we only got a brief glimpse of what the sequel to the popular franchise will look like. The gameplay footage today, answers more questions about just how the two brothers end up alone and on the run. It does sort of hit you emotionally. This also seems to set up the premise and introduce other characters. You begin to feel a bit of a connection to the two brothers and their dad. Without spoiling anything you begin to become invested in them.

Check out the gameplay footage below:

Let us know whether this 20-minute teaser has further enticed you to pre-order Life is Strange 2 or not. Don’t forget we are just a month away from release.

Episode 1 of the five-part series launches on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 September 27th.


Tarah Bleier
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