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PC Invasion Podcast #2

The full PC Invasion team returns for another broadcast from the bunker filled only with the finest vegetarian haggis. We made it to Episode 2 everybody, pats on the back all around.

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You can stream the episode below, or download an mp3 version. Previous episodes reside in our currently-quite-small archives, and iTunes should have some as well.


This week, we discuss the departure of Chris Avellone from Obsidian Entertainment and what effect this will have on Alpha Protocol 2 (shut up, it’s important to me.) We go in-depth on the topic of Steam refunds, what this means for certain indie developers, and whether there’s a way to better perfect Valve’s long-overdue system.

The Dark Souls 3 alleged-leak is mused over, and we’re all VERY EXCITED for E3. Or excited for a possible game of buzz-word bingo, at least.

Game-wise, Paul has wrapped up Dirty Bomb and possibly intends to toss it away somewhere. Tim’s been on Heroes of the Storm, deciding what type of MOBA it is; and I’ve been staring at Geralt’s beard in The Witcher 3 and enjoying it’s not attached to the usual fantasy-jesus RPG hero figure.

All of that, plus alarming speculation about an E3 Star Citizen poll dancing session, and hopefully fewer audio popping sounds this week (I tried.)

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