PC Invasion Podcast #21

PC Invasion Podcast #21

Welcome, podcast listeners, to another PC Invasion bunker broadcast. This one is old enough to drink in the US. You’ll find the latest episode below, which can either be downloaded or streamed directly from the widget. Older episodes can be found in the archives. I’ve not got around to ‘remastering’ the ones prior to Episode 20 yet, sorry.


In this week’s podcast, you’ll find more discussion of CS Lewis’ Narnia series than perhaps you were expecting. Plus some unusually accurate information regarding what constitutes a war crime.

In more game-related discussion, we express happiness that Paradox have picked up the White Wolf license and start sketching out our imaginary Crusader Kings-but-with-vampires title. While on the Halloween-ish theme, Batman: Arkham Knight still doesn’t work properly; and may never do so, if Warner Bros’ refund-extending statement is anything to go by.

There’s some very surprising (but very welcome) word of Black Ops 3 getting modding and mapping tools on PC, and then it’s wank hats on for a chat about Warren Spector’s “low” and “high expression” games. Come to think of it, ‘Spector’ is a pretty Halloween-ey name too. Shame it’s November now, really.

Paul’s been solo-cruising (for now) around the depths in Descent: Underground, Tim’s been dressing up in capes again for Batman: Arkham Knight (the DLC, mostly), and I’ve been creating monsters in Football Manager 2016’s character creator. There’s a little Life is Strange talk too, but without any spoilers.

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    • Teddy

      You said you couldn’t think of patron goals… I heard nothing but great suggestions throughout this podcast.

      Although I think punching someone even if it is lightly is more of an assault than a War Crime.

      You could smash some PS4 or Xbone up ala “office space – copier scene” doesn’t have to be for a goal would just be good to see you guys are really behind this PC Invasion.