Fortnite Dash Fire Slam
Image: Jabroni5092

PSA: You can dash while using Fire Slam in Fortnite to destroy opponents from afar

Don't think I can't kick you from here!

The Fortnite x Avatar collab has given us some incredible new elemental weapons to destroy our opponents with. One player has taken Firebending to new bounds by combining it with the Underworld Dash.

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Dash while using Fire Slam to reach distant opponents in Fortnite

Reddit user Jabroni5092 shared a clip where they managed to use Underworld Dash whilst using Fire Slam to crash down upon foes on a distant summit.

Although the player didn’t manage to defeat them (how awesome would that have been), they did deal an incredible 80 damage and upended them before safely retreating. This kind of feat combines numerous items to reach the unreachable and punish them.

Using the Shockwave Grenade and Air Bending, the player managed to arc through the air at great height and speed. Upon initiating Fire Slam through Fire Bending, the player then used the Underworld Dash charges to reach their opponents. If only the momentum of such a feat would have boosted the damage.

These sorts of combinations will lead to clever and maybe even hilarious ways to achieve something, be it damaging an enemy, fleeing, or crossing great gaps. The more creative you are, the less likely your opponents are to predict your moves and counter you.

This clip does make me wonder about what other items can be used in conjunction with Underworld Dash. It’s such an incredible ability that should be capitalized upon as often as possible. With Firebending, if you have a height advantage, you can use it to close a shoot-out with a fiery end.

I do remember one I used Underworld Dash to practically fly across some players and littered them with some bombs of my own like a bomber plane. I didn’t kill anyone but it was fun for sure.

I implore you to find other combinations like this whilst I try (and likely fail) to recreate this moment in my own matches. With these kinds of skills and combinations, I’m sure you’ll be breezing through the Avatar Elements pass.

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