Quakecon at Home announcement

QuakeCon 2020 goes digital as QuakeCon at Home

Rip and tear from the comfort of home.

This year has seen a lot of change affect the world, both for good and for ill. Large-scale events like conventions and tournaments have been on the chopping block since the beginning of the pandemic. But thankfully most big events decided to continue on in a different form. Or, more specifically, a digital form. Bethesda, publisher of games with guns that go boom, has made a similar announcement today. QuakeCon 2020 was already canceled — at least in its classic form. Instead, it’s getting replaced by the digital-only QuakeCon at Home.

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QuakeCon was previously canceled earlier this year in March. But today was the announcement of QuakeCon at Home, an all-digital event that will take place from August 7 – 9. There isn’t much information available currently, but the event does promise the following on its home page: “Livestreams, tournaments, charity fundraising, and a few fun secrets.”

Those “few fun secrets” mentioned are almost assuredly trailers of new content. I personally wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a trailer for the first story-based DLC content for Doom Eternal. It seems like the perfect place to do it, and that game needs all the good press it can get right now.

More information coming on the horizon

Quakecon at Home announcement

Bethesda also did not specify whether the event would require some kind of payment or entry fee. But rest assured that it is a safe bet that will not be the case. Even events like San Diego Comic-Con aren’t charging for their digital events, so it’s not unlikely that QuakeCon would.

What else we will see is anyone’s guess but the prospect of some hype tournaments and new game announcements is enough to get me excited at the very least. We will be sure to bring you more information on QuakeCon at Home as it becomes available.

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