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Remnant 2: All ring locations

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Remnant 2 comes with a huge range of extras you can equip to become an absolute monster on the field. Every build has its own specific collection of Amulets, Rings, Mods, and weapons to combine. However, the game does not make finding each of these hidden little treats an easy task. They take time, godlike knowledge, and a few guides to find everything you need. This guide will help you get your hands on every ring in Remnant 2, with their locations and how to get them.

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Every Remnant 2 Ring location

The problem with writing guides about Remnant 2 is the fact that every playthrough is different. These locations are as accurate as they can be, but the placement of every Ring in Remnant 2 can change. I have organized them into alphabetical order so you can quickly find the ones you are looking for. A lot of the locations are vague simply due to the fact that the ring will spawn somewhere in that location and will require some searching to be found.

You have four fingers you can equip with rings in Remnant 2. However, there is a staggering 127 rings you can find.

Remnant 2 Rings A

  • Assassin’s Seal – Found in the Council Tribunal, Losomn
  • Alumni Ring – Located outside the Asylum close to where you kill Nightweaver
  • Acid Stone – Purchasable from Reggie, the Merchant
  • Alchemy Ring – Found in Ironborough, Losomn
  • Archer’s Crest – You will locate this in Endaira’s End, Yaesha
  • Anastasijia’s Inspiration – Bought from Whispers, The Merchant

Remnant 2 Rings B

Remnant 2: All ring locations

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  • Blood Jewel – Hidden in The Forbidden Grove, Yaesha
  • Booster Ring – In the Council Chamber, Losomn
  • Blasting Cap Ring – Lost in The Timeless Horizon, N’Erud
  • Black Cat Band – Easily bought from Reggie, the Merchant
  • Bright Steel Ring – Buy it from Reggie, the Merchant
  • Band Band Ring –  A reward for playing a melody at the waterfall in Endaira’s End
  • Berserker’s Crest – At The Chimney, Yaesha
  • Burden of the Follower – Found in Endaira’s End, Yaesha
  • Burden of the Gambler – Purchased at Cass’s Shop
  • Black Pawn Stamp – Reward for Torch Flame Event in Losomn if you turn all the torches blue
  • Burden of the Mariner – Bought from the Drzyr Replicator hidden in N’Erud
  • Burden of the Audacious – Bought from Cass’s Shop
  • Blackout Ring – Found at both the Vault of the Formless and Void Vessel Facility
  • Burden of the Divine – A lucky Drop in Losomn
  • Burden of the Rebel – When you are playing through the Red Empress storyline, this is a reward for giving the Thaen Seed to the Eternal Empress
  • Blood Tinged Ring – Found in The Lament, Yaesha
  • Burden of the Warlock – Sometimes found in Losomn
  • Burden of the Stargazer – Located in both the Tower of the Unseen and Spectrum Nexus

Remnant 2 Rings C

  • Celebrity Stone – Located in The Lament, Yaesha
  • Constant Variable Ring – Found at the Tower of the Unseen, N’Erud
  • Cataloger’s Jewel – Picked up at the Beatific Palace, Losomn
  • Conservation Seal – A drop in the Vault of the Formless, N’Erud
  • Captain’s Insignia – You should find this in Endaira’s End, Yaesha

Remnant 2 Rings D

Remnant 2: All ring locations

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  • Drakestone Pearl – A drop in The Great Sewers, Losomn
  • Deceiver’s Band – Bought from Cass’s Shop
  • Deep Pocket Ring – Found in The Putrid Domain, N’Erud
  • Dense Silicon Ring – A drop in the Entangled Gauntlet, The Labyrinth
  • Defensive Action Loop – Located in Astropath’s Respite, N’Erud
  • Dran Memento – This can be picked up in Butcher’s Quarters, Losomn
  • Dead King’s Memento – Bought from Cass’s Shop
  • Dread Font – A lucky find in Losomn
  • Dying Ember – Found in the Ashen Wasteland, Root Earth

Remnant 2 Rings E

  • Excess Coil – Located in The Dark Conduct, N’Erud.
  • Encrypted Ring Lost within The Labyrinth
  • Endaira’s Endless Loop – Picked up in Endaira’s End, Yaesha

Remnant 2 Rings F

  • Faerin’s Sigil – Awarded when you kill Faerin in the Malefic Gallery
  • Faelin’s Sigil – Alternately found when you kill Faelin in Beautific Gallery
  • Fae Hunter Ring – Found in the stinky Great Sewers, Losomn
  • Fire Stone – You can buy this item from Reggie
  • Flyweight’s Sting Effect – Find this ring in Corrupted Harbour, Root Earth
  • Feedback Loop – A drop in the Phantom Wasteland, N’erud
  • Fae Warrior Ring – This ring is a random drop in the world
  • Fae Shaman Ring – You should find this in the Council Chamber
  • Feastmaster’s Signet – Found in the Great Hall, Losomn
  • Fae Bruiser Ring – A totally random ring drop in Losomn
  • Fae Protector Signet – A reward after completing the event in the Council Chamber
Tal Ratha choice guide for Remnant 2

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Remnant 2 Rings G

  • Generating Band – Found in the Flooded Room Event in N’Erud
  • Guardian’s Ring – Simply a random drop in Yaesha
  • Grounding Stone – Another ring bought from our in-house jeweler, Reggie
  • Game Master’s Pride – Located in Postulant’s Parlor, Losomn
  • Galvanized Resupply Band – You must do the Supply Ship event in N’Erud
  • Gunslinger’s Ring – Put up with listening to 10 of Mudtooths stories

Remnant 2 Rings H

  • Haymaker’s Ring – Located in the Ashen Wasteland, Root Earth
  • Hex Ward – Nimue can craft this for you
  • Hardcore Metal Band – Found by chance in N’Erud
  • Heart of the Wolf – Dropped in Endaira’s End, Yaesha
  • Hardened Coil – Found in both The Expanding Glade and Forgotten Field
  • Kinetic Cycle Stone – Head to the Corrupted Harbor, Root Earth

Remnant 2 Rings L

  • Low Yield Recovery Ring – Located in both the Tower of the Unseen and Astropath’s Respite
  • Lodestone Ring – To get this Remnant 2 ring, you must wear the Lodestone Crown and talk with Bedel of the Vaunnt
  • Lithic Signet – Lucky in-game drop
Remnant 2: All ring locations

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Remnant 2 Rings M

  • Meteorite Shard Ring – the Drzyr Replicator can craft this
  • Mechanic’s Cog – Cass sells this Remnant 2 ring
  • Momentum Driver – Found in the N’Erud map
  • Microcompressor – Another ring crafted by the hidden Drzyr Replicator
  • Metal Driver – Found in the Vault of the Formless, N’Erud

Remnant 2 Rings O

  • Outcast Ring – Complete the Man in the Sewers event for this Ring

Remnant 2 Rings P

  • Power Saver – Found in N’erud
  • Propulsion Loop – Another ring in the Tower of the Unseen in N’Erud
  • Point Focus Ring – A lucky find in N’Erud
  • Probability Cord – An endgame ring found in the Corrupted Harbour, Root Earth

Remnant 2 Rings R

  • Rerouting Cable – A stinky adventure into the Putrid Domain, N’erud
  • Restriction Cord – Bought from  Bedel of the Vaunnt
  • Ring of the Damned – You should find this in The Great Sewers, Losomn
  • Reaping Stone – Journey to the Ashen Wasteland, Root Earth
  • Ring of Restocking – Luckily found in N’Erud
  • Ring of Retribution – A Losomn drop
  • Rusted Heirloom – Access the safe in Tiller’s Rest or Harvester’s Reach
  • Ring of the Forest Spirit – Somewhere as a random drop in Yaesha
  • Ring of Flawed Beauty – Purchased in Cass’s Shop
  • Reserve Boosting Gem – Make your way to the Putrid Domain or the Hatchery
  • Ring of Diversion – Finish the Consorts Puzzle in The Lament for this ring
  • Ring of Deflection – Lost in the Putrid Domain, N’Erud
  • Rotward – Bought from Bedel of the Vaunut
  • Ring of the Robust– Can be found in either the Harvester’s Reach, Butcher’s Quarter, or Tiller’s Rest
  • Ring of Omens – Found in the Cathedral of Omens
  • Rock of Anguish – Bought from Clara
  • Ring of Crisis – Somewhere in The Hatchery, N’Erud
  • Ring of Grace – When you kill Barghest the Vile for Riewen you will get this ring
Remnant 2 Adventure Mode Guide

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Remnant 2 Rings S

  • Seal of the Empress – Once you have completed the Red Empress questline, you can return to her, be respectful, and receive this ring in Remnant 2
  • Sagestone – Located in the Twisted Chantry, Forgotten Fields, The Nameless Nest, or The Lament
  • Shiny Hog Lure – Found in Butcher’s Quarter, Losomn
  • Sapphire Dreamstone – After an audio cue in Losomn, the payer must follow a hidden path to find this Remnant 2 ring
  • Soul Guard – Visit the Bloodmoon Altar Shop to craft this ring
  • Shard Banded Ring – Hidden in The Labyrinth
  • Stone of Balance – A lucky find in Yaesha
  • Stone of Malevolence – Found anywhere in Losomn
  • Singed Ring – Awarded if you let the prisoner burn in the event in Butcher Quarter
  • Soul Link – Found in Yaesha
  • Stone of Continuance – Located in the Tower of the Unseen, N’Erud
  • Stone of Expanse – Somewhere in N’Erud
  • Stream Coupler – Will appear in Losomn.
  • Spirit Stone – A lucky find in Yaesha
  • Stockpile Charger – hidden in Losomn
  • Slayer’s Crest – A lucky find in Yaesha
  • Subterfuge Link – Somewhere in the ash and dust of N’Erud
  • Suppression Ward – Another craftable item at the Drzyr Replicator

Remnant 2 Rings T

  • Tear of Kaeula – Unsurprisingly, in Kaeula’s Rest, Yaesha
  • Tomb Dweller’s Ring – Picked up in either The Chimney, The Lament, or The Twisted Chantry in Yaesha
  • Targeting Jewel – Somewhere in N’Erud
  • Tarnished Ring – Besides the Armor Merchant in Ward 13, you will find a man up a ladder, either in bed or leaning. Talk to him until he gives you this ring in Remnant 2
  • Tempest Conduct – Located in Endaira’s End, Yaesha
  • Timekeeper’s Jewel – Appropriately found by Hewdas Clock, Losomn
  • Tightly Wound Coil – Smash open the capsules in the Void Vessel Facility, N’Erud

Remnant 2 Rings V

  • Vestige of Power – A lucky find in Yaesha
  • Vacuum Seal – Located somewhere in N’Erud
Remnant 2 Gunslinger Engram Guide

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Remnant 2 Rings W

  • Wind Hollow Circlet – Search Endaira’s End, Yaesha, for this ring
  • Wax Sealed Ring – Dropped in The Far Woods, Yaesha
  • Worn Admiral’s Ring – Head to Reggie to buy this ring
  • White Pawn Stamp – Similar to the Black Pawn Stamp, you must align the torches, but with white this time during the event in Losomn

Remnant 2 Rings Z

  • Zania’s Malice – A late-game item located in Ashen Wasteland, Root Wasteland


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