Resident Evil 3 remake G19 Red Dot Sight Guide

Both your G19 pistol and M3 shotgun can be upgraded in Resident Evil 3. However, you can snag an upgrade for the pistol very early on in your adventures through Raccoon City. While you’re battling both zombies and alleyway fires, you can grab the G19 red dot sight. It improves the accuracy of your standard-issue sidearm, making it quite useful indeed. Here’s how you get it.

Red dot sight, am I right?

The red dot sight isn’t hard to miss if you’re on your way to getting the shotgun — or even just continuing with the game. When you’re staring at Moon’s Donuts beautiful neon sign, hang a right and head up the stairs, and follow the path around to a green door. This is the Redstone Pharmacy manager’s office, where you’ll find a locked safe and a cryptic note saying that the safe code is a secret between the owner and his “beautiful Aqua Cure queen.” You can find the solution below, but it may be randomized, so you might have to check for yourself. But don’t worry — it’s not far away at all.

As you might expect, the solution is in the pharmacy proper. You can see the pharmacy’s sign if you head out the other door of the office and down the stairs, or alternatively head left when leaving the Kite Bros railway building.

Resident Evil 3 Pharmacy Sign

Inside the pharmacy, there’s a giant advertisement for Aqua Cure splayed along the back wall. Along the bottom of it, three numbers are circled in red, with directions above them. They should indicate 9 left, 3 right, 7 left. Surprise: that’s the combination to the safe.

Resi 3 Aqua Cure

Leave the pharmacy and head back up the stairs to the manager’s office, and open the safe using the code. This’ll net you the red dot sight for the G19, which you can attach by using the combine action in your inventory. This upgrade is well worth getting: the accuracy boost is extremely welcome when you’re trying to conserve ammo and headshot your foes.

For more on the Resident Evil 3 remake, check out our review, beginner’s tips, and a guide on how to find the shotgun and bolt cutters.

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